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Worldwide Famous Pakistan’s Truck Art

Pakistan Truck Art is getting Popular in the world. Truck Art of Pakistan is getting popular around the world. In early 90s after partition government of Pakistan get there truck from UK. Before partition between India and Pakistan sikhs used do to in 1920,s.

In Pakistan truck art is cultural thing ae nd it is popular in the world for their beautiful floral design and ornaments. The name of art in Hindi and Urdu is Phool patti.

History Of Truck Art

If you live in south Asia. You may have seen truck art in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. In 1920s this art is started in east India before partition. In 1940s business started growing and getting popular among the drivers of truck. Owner use their company symbol on their truck in beautiful and colorful design to show people from which company this truck should belong and who owns this truck.

Different color Trucks

By the passage of time Karachi Pakistan became the hub of Pakistan truck art. A man named Durriya Kazi head of art department in University of Karachi. He started painting trucks and making beautiful floral design. Over the 50,000 people are employed in workshop of truck art in the city. Truck drivers spend thousands of money to them for making their truck more attractive then others.

Durriya said Our clients want to make their trucks stand out,” shares Pakistani artist Haider Ali. “When people look to hire a truck, they feel that if it looks fancy and newly painted, then it’s probably in better condition and they trust it more.” Also known as jingle trucks thanks to the bells festooning the exterior, drivers can easily spend up to $2,500 for a basic paint job, which is two years’ salary. And often, they’ll come back for touchups every few years to keep things fresh.

Jingle Trucks

In Pakistan and Afghanistan their are a lot of truck called jingle trucks used for transporting goods to different cities. If we get into the detailed work of truck art. We get amazed that how beautiful and detailed work are done by the artist. Drivers spending money on painting and designing for their trucks they also use jingle bells for enchasing their trucks beauty and black color cloth for protecting their truck from evil eyes. When they roam around the city with their piece of art you may listen the beautiful sound of jingle bells.

Jingle Bells on Truck

Famous Internationally

The tradition dates back to the 1920s, when British Bedford trucks were imported to Pakistan and modified with large wooden crowns over the cab.

When travelling to the world. Every country have their specific identity. Pakistan truck art is seen in England UK on their metro buses in the main city as well as in some cities of USA. This art is also used by different influencers or startups for selling there goods by making truck art on note books, mug or on wall hangings. Same art was hand painted on things and writing same poetry which is also seen on every truck in Pakistan. Every truck in Pakistan have poetry written on the back of it and enhance the beauty of truck.

Art use in making Goods

This beautiful truck art is getting popular day by day internationally. Truck art was hand painted on many things and when people visits Pakistan there many shops having beautiful art pieces using truck art. These shop owners making good amount through selling these things. Foreigners are more interested in buying then locals.

Hand Painted Truck art Book for sale

Books, Wall hangings, Mugs, Bottles, Kettles, Plates, Dinner Sets and much more using art too look more beautiful and worth buying.

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