World Famous Floating Restaurant In Hong Kong Has Sunk

World Famous Floating Restaurant of Hong Kong has sunk just the days after it was towed to sea enrooted to unspecified destination.

An iconic floating restaurant in Hong Kong has sunk . The Jumbo Kingdom restaurant was established in 1976 by the smuggler Stanley Ho Hungsun. He designed the restaurant like imperials places in China featured as background wall by the films of Jackie Chan and Steven Soderbergh and he also hosted guests like Queen Elizabeth and Tom Cruise before closing the restaurant in 2020 due to COVID Pandemic.

Last Week People of Hong Kong gave the restaurant Farewell to Aberdeen Harbor owner of restaurant. The company said on Monday that the Vessel had sunk and depth of the water is over thousand meters making it extremely difficult to carry out the work done in the restaurant. Meanwhile Aberdeen Restaurant enterprises did not disclose the destination but the Marine department of Hong Kong later said it had to be taken in the shipyard of Cambodia.

ARE Statement on World Famous Floating Restaurant

Amberdeen Restaurant Enterprises representatives said on Thursday that the Vessel and Tugboat of the restaurant were still in the water near the Island, but reports are saying that the boat had sunk, somehow these reports seems like inaccurate there is still a float but rescue work for restaurant is extremely difficult due to the depth of water.

Officials of Hong Kong told Local Press and Media that Amberdeen Restaurant Enterprises may have against the cities rules and regulations because owner and the captain of the ship restaurant did not report of sinking the restaurant to authorities within Twenty Four Hours. On Thursday night Marine department of Hong Kong issued a statement saying that they had no reports of sinking restaurant they only learned and get the details of the incident of sinking from the local media and channel reports. Failure in giving reasonable explanation on time result in fine for the company $1040 HK.

A Spokesperson of the company told CNN on Friday that Amberdeen Restaurant Enterprises always describe the incident and never said and claim that the vessel of the boat had sunk. They always make sure before the departure of vessel marine engineers make sure hoardings had been installed and all the relevant approvals had been obtained and checked by the guardian of the company.

Amberdeen Restaurant Enterprises complain that the buisness is less profitable since 2013 and the losses had exceeded from the range of 100 Million Dollar HK. The maintainence fees also cost millions of rupees every year. Restaurant enterprising said that the restaurant have lost 100 Million in the COVID Pandemic.

The Sinking Triggered a happier period in Hong Kong history. 260 Foot long and three story capsized Tug boards towed Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant sunk in the South China Sea. A number of celebrities visited the Jumbo Kingdom over the years. Jumbo Floating Restaurant was also featured in the fil of James Bond in 1974 “The Man With the Golden Gun” was a block buster film of the era.

Jumbo was towed away from Hong Kong Island on June 14, 2022 but the officials of Amberdeen restaurant enterprises declined on that time and say that the boat was going out of the city for the maintenance and storage. Jumbo was passing by the Paracel Island in the South China Sea and began to sinking it is said that the accident occur in the high depth of the sea where salvage work is extremely difficult.

In 2020 when Jumbo restaurant lost million of dollars at that time it cannot afford the business and inspection costs then the owner of the Jumbo offer to donate the ship to a local theme park at no cost. later that year the Chief executive of Hong Kong Ms. Carrie Lam said that Government would appreciate and corporate with theme park and make the rebirth of the floating restaurant. But Last month Ms. Lam said that Government would not invest money in the theme park and restaurant.

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