Why is the iPhone better than Android? 7 Proven Features You Need to Know.

Many of the characteristics you get with any smartphone you purchase are essentially the same, but there are a few areas in that iPhones do considerably better than Android smartphones.

An individual decision based on personal preferences or expertise is repeatedly made when picking a certain smartphone brand or operating system. However, if you’ve used a brand for quite a while, you might not be sure of how it lines up against competitors. For instance, how do current iPhones stack up against Android devices?

We feel they compare well, though. The qualities that iPhones excel at performing above Android devices are listed below.

Enhanced Software and Hardware Incorporation.

There have been numerous instances over the years in which Apple has influenced full ownership of the gadget, allowing some things possible solely because of it. And accomplish tasks really fast.

The first example is Face ID, it uses a True Depth camera to take a 3d image of your face to ensure a reliable log into your iPhone. Any of the other organizations that have dared to mimic Face ID haven’t been productive.

User Friendly to Use.

The iPhone persists to be by far the smoothest phone to handle, despite all the manufacturers of Android phones claiming to improve their interfaces. Some users might be frustrated that iOS hasn’t evolved much, in terms of the way it looks over decades. But I think it’s a positive feature considering that it still serves substantially the same as it previously did in 2007. Pick it up, flip it on, and now select the app to start it.

OS Updates When You Want.

You will be bothered badly if you’re android stalkers. According to Apple, iOS 12 was positioned on a stunning 83% of all iOS devices which were released in the four preceding years of February 2019. As of April 2019, Google hasn’t even disclosed consumption rate data regarding the most recent android version, Pie. And the earlier, Android Oreo, took almost a year off to attain merely 19 percent coverage.

The trouble seems to be that, apart from genuine Android devices like the Pixel 3, both LG and Samsung have to leap through more hurdles in order to supply you with the newest recent edition of Google’s OS. Furthermore, phone companies usually take their time fixing outmoded devices. Although the situation is changing but not pretty fast.

Photo by Brad Pouncey on Unsplash

You can upgrade to the most current version of iOS on the date it is launched or quite near to it (according to how Apple’s networks manage the load) if you have a functional iPhone. This balance won’t change any fairly soon. 

Works Stunningly with MAC.

You might be shocked to learn how splendidly iPhones function with Macs if you haven’t operated one in a while. For instance, you could use your MacBook to compose and send text notes and even schedule and receive calls by using the Continuity feature in mac OS. You simply need to keep your iPhone close by.

My fav function is AirDrop, which keeps it simple to share photographs and videos from an apple phone to a MacBook via Wi-Fi. Also with the new Continuity Camera feature in mac OS Mojave and iOS 12, you can immediately add a photo to a text, email, or report.

Improved Security.

This problem isn’t as single-sided as it previously was, but now Google’s security updates are becoming more regular. In order to maintain your phones and content secure, Google has managed to safeguard the Google Play Store and added precautions.

Sandboxing, two-step validation, Google Play Secure, further restricted access permissions, as well as other methods, are illustrations of this. These enhancements, combined with informed individuals, lead to a degree of Cyber security that equals that of iOS.

Best Client Support and Service.

In terms of technical customer care, iPhone is at the top. Although AppleCare is premium, registering complaints for iOS devices is a genuine doddle. You can deliberately visit a local Apple Store with a new gadget in almost an hour.

Whether you agree or not but iPhone stores have a unique design that several other stores have attempted to mimic. When you pass by the open plan layout, it draws you immediately.  Many workers are willing to assist you with any product or concern. Even free courses are offered to train you on how to utilize Apple devices.

Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash

Best Apps Turn up First.

The race is ceased now, due to the millions of apps available on iOS and Android, right? Honestly not. The most successful app releases continue to occur on the iPhone, as per developers.

Google Play is the same as Netflix among app stores; it receives the android features that typically have made their debut on iOS. The migration of Fortnite from iOS to Android though took time of several months. 

It also secured the time of months for other apps, like Super Mario Run and HQ Trivia, to be uploaded for Android. Monument Valley 2, Affinity Photo, and Snapchat are some of the bunch items that were launched on the iPhone before the Android platform.

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