Why Did BTS Announce Hiatus In 2022

The seven members of BTS announce hiatus in a long video that they have uploaded on their official youtube channel. They said that they are going on hiatus to focus on their solo career.

On 14 June they enjoyed their Festa dinner and interact with ARMYs as they completed 9 years as BTS. While enjoying food and digging into some old memories they shocked their fans (ARMY) with the surprise announcement of Hiatus.

Since they are working too hard for the last two years bringing 3 albums and multiple projects, it is obvious for them to take some time and focus on themselves to re-energise.

What BTS Members Said In Festa Video

The leader of the group RM said that we have to accept that we have changed. He also said that after producing a few singles I don’t know what kind of group we are anymore, further added that group members are exhausted.

He also said that the k-pop and idol system doesn’t give time to mature.

They always have to keep working and keep producing music. He describes his feeling of getting up in the morning and getting his makeup done he feels like he doesn’t have time for growth. So, he said he needs some time to focus on who he is and what he wants BTS to be.

In the video, Jimin also said, we are starting to think about what kind of artists we each want to be remembered by our fans. We are trying to find our identity and that’s an exhausting and long process.

J-Hope said that the group should spend some time apart to learn how to be one again. He said to the fans, I hope that you don’t see this as a negative thing, and see that it is a health plan.

Suga clarifies that it’s not that we are disbanding we are living apart for sometime.

Jungkook said we promise that we will return someday even more mature than we are now, and asked for blessings from fans.

What is the meaning of Hiatus

Hiatus means a break or pause between the continuity of the activity or performance.

BTS hiatus

The seven exhausted members of k-pop iconic BTS. Also taking an indefinite break from their work, and promised ARMY to come back someday as a group even stronger. And said that it was an important time for BTS’s second chapter.

The Reaction of ARMY After Announcement of Hiatus

The ARMY nation was understandably overcome with emotion after the announcement of the hiatus. They promised to be an ARMY forever and wait patiently for their comeback as a group someday.

ARMY flooded Twitter with the hashtag #ARMYFOREVER with thousands of messages for the BTS members.

some of which are,

one of their fans said, I am crying a river right now, but I am so proud of our seven boys.

Some of them said, This is not a goodbye but a see you later.

A female fan said that it is a courageous decision,

she said it takes so much courage to leave a place where you have it all to challenge yourself and reach an upgrade version of who you are. BTS is teaching me another important lesson.

Jungkook singing my you live and his new snake tattoo is also trending on Twitter right now.

one of his fans said, we cried our heart out yesterday, and jungkook comes today to sing i love u for us, over and over again.

another fan replied I was crying earlier and now I feel comforted like have been given a hug.

we also wish you all the best and yesss The Most Beautiful Moment is Yet To Come.

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