What Is Social Media Marketing and what are its channels? Yes, first 2 are top rated.

social media marketing and its strategies

In this modern era social media has become the severe need for business. You cannot even promote your business without social media. Social media marketing is becoming more powerful.By choosing social media platforms, one can easily access to online World and reach the globally users.

What Is social media marketing?

Meanings of social media marketing.


It’s generally, a combination of three words social.




If we describe the word social. So, we can say that social means a person. Who likes to sit in a community.

In other words, you can say a person who feels happy to connect with others. In other words, we can say that a person, who is friendly and enjoys the gathering of people.

meanings of social

In General term;

The word media is generally in common sense A man or several persons., work with a channel just like a TV channel, a news channel. And supply their services as a service provider. As a news collector, that’s media. It’s a general term.


And If we discussed the Main meanings of media. So, we can say that media mean; means of communication; the means of communication means; The way, the method that we use to communicate with others, that’s called the media (means of communication).
So, if you combine these two terms Social and media;

So, we find a new term that is social media. It means to be social while using a network or channel. In all terms. It means to introduce and promote a product or service in a market.

A person. Who does this, called marketer.

social media marketing;

it means introducing our product or services in a market and The process of selling our products in the market with a profit by using some channels. It’s called social media marketing

The complete definition of social media marketing

social media marketing(SMM) means; to introduce or promote a product or services through the social channels and visual networks.

Channels of SMM;

Here are some channels but first 2 channels are more used;


Facebook is a powerful tool for businesses to promote their products in a social market.

On Facebook, we can share our photos, links, information, thoughts, and videos and even we can discuss a topic on a live video streaming. it’s very easy to use Facebook.

Another main feature is Facebook Market Place. where you can target a city to sell your products. you can join communities or buy and sell groups to sell your products or services. even you can make your own group and invite you fb friends to join.

Just like Facebook, Instagram is also a powerful tool.

If you are wanting to have an online business on Instagram surely it’s beneficial. by Live video streaming and by using hashtags you can access it to people around the world within a second and can convey your message to an enormous number of customers That’s the mostly young generation.

Shortly, The main channels are mentioned here As the top-ranking channels in the field of business. So, if you are not there. I think You are on another planet. you just start your online business here.
But This social media marketing is not as easy as you can see. Social media marketing is A study. Many institutions nowadays supply free and paid courses online and physically. Udemy, Course era, digiskills, etc…
fast-TEF is another new name in this field, having very good trainers. students are learning. and getting the knowledge. And This online institution is also Providing. A Hands-on experience and giving their students certificates. It’s greatly beneficial in their practical field. here is the Facebook link;

Several channels Are coming daily And are famous in our society worldwide. So, it’s difficult for a person to choose the right channel. To promote its product or services.
So, every channel had some strategies. and functions behind it.

Strategies of social media marketing (SMM).

There are two ways to promote your product using social media or a visual platform.

  • Organic.
  • paid.
    bring traffic to a post by using some special tricks without paying a penny is organic reach meanwhile if you pay for boosting its paid.

  • Product research.
  • Your business goals.
  • Brand identity.
  • Type of your business
  • What’s the content of your product?
  • Analyze an audience.
  • Research about your competitors.

In social media marketing product research really matters.

After the research about your product. You must configure what is the goal of your business. Goal doesn’t mean that you will achieve a high rank or low rank. It’s mean. What is the goal To target the audience? As. You seem pretty audience and Major cities audience or A country worldwide

After that You should check the social media platforms related to the brands. That is related to your brand check, the logos, their designs, and color schemes. In social media marketing, It means a lot. Which type of Images, Images, colors, brands, or logos do you have a choice? then search on social media platforms related to the content of your product.

Content means text, pictures, images, descriptions, or any type of information. That will be there that represents the product. After that, you must analyze the audience. That would be the targeted age of your audience according to your niche and your product

. If you’re choosing the household items with your audience. So, you should target an audience whose ages are above 18.Research of your competitors is highly recommended.

You should search the SMM platforms in which niche you are working, and what your competitors are doing.

What are the methods By which way they are presenting their products on social media platforms?
The above discussion is. All about before choosing the right social media channel. According to your niche, according to your product. You must List all those above things That will surely help you.

audience demographic of Facebook;

Here is the audience demographic of Facebook. Surely it will help a lot when choosing a SMM channel for your business.

audience demographic of Instagram;

Here is the audience demographic of Instagram. It will also help you when choosing a SMM channel for your business.

summing up;

social media is a need of an hour. one can easily shows its products to millions of customers viewers at once. Know how of business is your task; reach how is media task, platforms are multi-tasks. long term business relations to social media channels will definitely comes up to never lasting business.

just follow the basics, start your online business today. When choosing any social media channel you must think about the product you are trying to sell. What is the target audience of this product? and in which country do you want to sell your product? It all about strategies that I have mentioned will help a lot when choosing a social media platform.

If you’re unaware about basic techniques, just gather some knowledge and start making online. your business surely grow. many social media marketing platforms are there using worldwide. you can choose one of them and enjoy online business.

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