Water an Amazing Boon, with its 1000 Health Benefits.

Water, the second name of life….

Water, as we all know, is a factory of several minerals and other nutrients that are really essential for a healthy working of a body. And also for other optimum body conditions. These minerals and nutrients cannot be supplied with any other diet. So, in short, water is an irreplaceable element for any living.

Water usage in daily life.

The intake, of this wonder liquid, that a healthy body needs surely depends on many factors like what’s the age of the person? Where’s he living? What’s the environment and the climate? And of course, most importantly what’s the gender of that person?

Health Benefits.

Water is a basic need to survive as the human body is 60% composed of it. While blood and plasma are 90% made of this fluid. This unique and easily available magic does wonders when we talk about its impact on the health of an individual.

Aids the joints to perform the better function.

Water hydrates the joints and enables them to perform their work with great efficiency. The cartilage of the joints is mostly composed of it. So adequate amount of it will help joints to stay hydrated and absorb the shocks calmly.  

It also protects the brain, spinal cord, and many other visceral organs from damage due to its protecting cover around many structures of the body.

Improves the Skin Avoiding Wrinkles and Aging.

Drinking enough amount of it reduces the risks of aging. The person who drinks more, is likely to not get wrinkles, scars, and fine lines even when he’s expected to get those.

The use of water is responsible for opening and closing the pores and this helps the deep cleaning of skin.

It keeps the skin hydrated and maintains its glow. Avoid other sugary drinks as much as you can and drink water as much as possible. This is the key to having a healthy body.

Assist in the Proper Kidney Functioning.

The most recommended amount of water for anyone to have is 8 glasses per day. But more than half of the people don’t have this amount and they aren’t even bothering the after effects that decreased level of water can do to their health.

Kidneys the most crucial organ that helps in so many vital processes of body. It helps in removing waste, osmoregulation, RBCs production, urine formation and excretion etc. and this kidney depends on water for its proper functioning.

Proper amount of water in the body aids the kidney to avoid stone formation. Because in case of decreased water level, the minerals and wastes accumulate there forming a stone and that leads to disturbed kidney functions. 

Also the risk to get urinary tract infections (UTI) is lowered using enough amount of water. These infections are due to harmful bacterial attack and plenty of water flushes the bacteria making it difficult to have any kind of infection.

Helps in Reducing Weight.

The intake of water aids the body to perform its functions more precisely. Like it helps to reduce the weight. Because it is more assisting in burning calories. The energy is spent much more after drinking water and this effect lasts for an hour.


And also if one drinks comsiderable amount of it before a meal, it can reduces the appetite. If obese people just start drinking water, without changing their lifestyle, before a meal, they’ll observe huge differences.

This universal liquid also lowers the intake of calories through other fluids. As the proper amount of water in the body makes sure the reduced intake of other juices and fluid supplements.

According to a research, US adults used water to lose their weight and this technique stood on the third number to achieve the goal with a percentage of 44.7% people.

Optimize the Body Temperature.

Water has a great capacity to absorb heat. In this regard, water plays a vital role to balance the heat of the body. It is present in the skin, during summer, evaporates in form of sweat and this causes cooling and lowering of body temperature.

This also helps to avoid heat strokes. And if a person is facing dehydration and is out in the heat he’ll definitely be affected by this heat sooner than a hydrated person.

Do Better the Digestive System.

The major constituent that plays a key role in breaking down food is water. And this is the primary factor to initiate energy production and supply to the body. In case of its decreased level, energy production will be affected.

It helps to remove wastes easily. If there’s no proper amount of water in the body, it will result in hardened waste and the person will surely feel difficulty removing the waste from the body.

So dehydration is the leading cause of constipation. And constipation is the mother of many other diseases like stomach problems, ulcers, heartburning, headaches, etc.

Normalized Blood Pressure.

Blood pressure is increased when the blood moves against the walls of blood vessels at high pressure. Due to hydrated body structure, the blood becomes thinner making it easy to pass through the vessels.

It also helps the urine formation that reduces all the minerals that cause increased blood pressure and the hormones like vasopressin are also controlled due to which any person can face high blood pressure.

Improves Efficiency While Exercising.

A person normally loses 2% of the water as sweat but while doing work out any athlete or a person can remove 6-10% of it from body. There’s a sever risk of mineral deficiency, dehydration, faintness and many other things like that.

But drinking water while doing exercise can reduce all the pre-mentioned problems and helps the person to stay hydrated and motivated without getting tired.

Recommended Consumption.

There’s not any definite declared amount that a person needs to take in. But to stay hydrated and fit most medical experts say to have an amount of water of nearly 2.5 liters per day, but it’s not hard and fast rule to follow. Drink it as much as you can.

Again, the amount will vary according to the environment and gender. With this, the need for the body also matters.

Water is a full diet in itself with all the nutrients and minerals in it. So if you’re preferring other fluids to fulfil the need of liquids in body then you’re doing wrong.

Most of the people don’t drink even a glass of it and rely on other fluids. They’re most likely to get kidney stones, urinary infections and many other hazardous imbalances in the body.

What if someone is not Having Enough Water?

If the water level is beyond the normal or required, the body is gonna have a group of disorders and all of them would be just because of this less water concentration in body.

It results into the following hecks:

Increased blood pressure. Because its shortage cause the blood to become thicker that will lead to hypertension.

Kidney stone formation. Due to retention of minerals and salt in body, kidneys are unable to remove them and results in this sever problem.

Dehydration. The body is incapable to cover up the need of water and precede to many skin, kidney, heart, brain, bones, and urinary tract issues.

Things that will avoid dehydration.

  • Sip water less but often.
  • Keep water bottle in your hand or with you wherever possible.
  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep an eye on your water intake especially during workout. If it’s dry and hot weather, do drink more water than usual.
  • Avoid to go in sun as much as possible.
  • To see whether you’re suffering from dehydration or not, check your urine color. If it’s darker than pale or straw color increase water content intake.

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