Voice of Kashmir and Palestine

Voice Of Kashmir and Palestine

My hands are static,
My eyes are still.
My tears are frozen.
Never can the chasms of my heart be filled,
My sorrows are rising,
My misery is agonizing.

A fire inside my heart has been lit,
Never can the castle of my hopes be built.

This fire ruins all, burns everything,
There are no more rainbows for me to cling,


Our lives had been locked down long ago,
Most of the people don’t even know.

My brother was killed some years back,
The pages of my life turned totally to blank.
And now after only four married months
My husband has been martyred as well…

My world was all dizzy..
And I just fell…
And I couldn’t even yell…

to Tell…..

That I am a Muslim,

And I am Kashmir, Syria and Palestine.


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