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These unstoppable street crimes in Karachi created havoc in the city.

Street Crime

From sources, it has been found that around 7,500 criminals are involved in these incidents who were given bails and roamed freely around the city.

What do you think would be the reason behind this?

Unemployment, drug addiction, poor governance, or negligence by police

Negligence by police in street crimes:

Negligence by the police is always that we have been watching since childhood. A month ago one of my uncles got snatched at gunpoint even though the mobile was standing in front of him but they didn’t even notice.

Why don’t the police take action against these rising street crimes in Karachi? Even if someone got caught they give them bails to roam freely.

Many lives have already been taken by the robberies during snatching at gunpoint. Many of us have lost our brothers, sisters, mother, father, and husbands at the hand of criminals and ruined their mental health. Nobody has an idea how many more lives go in vain.


The unemployment rate has reached 4.65% in 2020, a 0.67% increase from 2019 in Pakistan.

Even graduates are not able to find jobs easily. All reputed companies want to experience colleagues for themselves how can a freshly graduate can get experience. Even a graduate can’t find a job easily how an illiterate can get employment. So they choose to be robbers.

Poor Governance:

One of the incidents that happen due to poor governance at KORANGI CAUSEWAY looted more than 100 people who were stuck there. The police reached out 25 minutes after the robbery incident.

This is not the only case that has been highlighted and no action has been taken against the street crimes, if taken then no one has been arrested yet. It can clearly show the poor governance in the city.

More attention is needed from the government to put an end to street crimes in Karachi.

More criminals behind the bars lesser will be the street crime rate in the city.

Drug Addiction:

Regarding the street crime in Karachi, the criminals operating in the city are drug dealers and land grabbers too. They can sell or do anything to fulfil their need for drugs.

They need education about this that how their drug addiction can lead to death and something that they will regret later.

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