Training your dog to be a good companion

training your dog

 Humans and dogs share an amazing human-canine relationship and that is the reason dogs are regarded as man’s best friends for centuries. The art of training your dog depends on the breed of dog sometimes but not always.

In this article you will learn all the necessary information about training your dog whether it is bell training your dog, training your dog to roll over, play training your dog, training your dog for hunting, training your dog to attack, or training your dog to sit, stand, handshake or bark.

Importance of training a dog

If you own a dog, then training your dog will greatly help you with it as dogs are also ready to learn.

This is because if you don’t train your dog, it will be difficult for both of you to understand each other and difficult for you to command your dog.

On the other hand, training builds confidence and a great relationship between a dog and a human. Training will ensure good manners in your dog. And strengthens the positive and healthy relationship between you and your dog.

How can you learn the art of training your dog?

If you also have a dog then you must learn the art of training your dog so that it can prove itself your friend in terms of loyalty, companionship, and friendship. You can start training your dog at any age, no matter if it’s a puppy or an adult dog.

some healthy training tips below

 Here are some tips for you.

  • The most effective way of training your dog is by providing them with a treat and it is best when you provide them with their favorite meal as a reward. It will increase their interest in training.
  • Praising dogs after they learn a specific command or try to do so is also an important part of training your dogs. Dogs love to be praised, so they will again try to follow your command to get praised.
  • Socialize your dog, this will help them with dealing different situations and be comfortable in different environments.
  • Make sure the training your dog after regular intervals, don’t give training after long breaks, as this will make it difficult for them to learn.
  • Try to do training of your dog in a place where you both can get minimal disturbance or noise because disturbance will make it difficult for the dog to concentrate.
  • Do not overload your dog with training. while training your dog, make sure that it is in a good/satisfying mood. This will help the dog to learn fast.
  • Sometimes, it is recommended to send your dog away for training, if you want your dog to compete or do a very specific task. But, mostly you can do the training of your dog at your home.

How to become your dog’s best friend?

Dogs are famous for their loyalty and friendship with humans, and this friendship is not difficult to earn.

Here are some tips and tricks to become a dog’s best friend. This will also help you in training your dog with other tasks.

  • Understand your dog, and get to know its body language, feelings, mood, liking, and disliking.
  •  Treat your dog with love and care, try giving its favorite treat, remaining calm, patting it, and giving attention to your dog.
  • Spare time for your dog, play with it, take your dog out for a walk, training some activities.
  • Try to communicate with your dog, and call out its name while talking and training your dog.
  • Try doing scent training for your dog, this will help the dog to immediately recognize you.
  • Don’t be harsh with your dogs, try to remain calm and do not scold them. This will help them to adjust with you.

Training your dog with basic tasks

 You can start training your dogs with basic commands like sit, walk on heels, stand, come here, roll, bark, stay, drop it, leave it, take it, look at me, and train your dog not to pull on the leash. here are the tips and tricks that will help you in training your dog for basic commands.

say a hint/cue word every time for every different task while training your dog, so that after every time you say that clue word, it will be easy for them to understand what you want them to do. After they perform the task give them a treat. Remember, not to give them their reward until they perform the task. Also, praise your dogs by lovingly patting them.

Is sending your dog away for training necessary?

Dogs are sent away from home for training for probably 4-8 weeks or sometimes months, depending on what kind of training you want them to learn. Sending your dog away for training near me is not always a necessary part of training your dog. But in some conditions, it is advised to send your dog away for training like if they are going to participate in a competition or any other difficult skill.

 Here are some pros and cons of sending away your dog for training.

There is no fear like your dog will forget you and your training after being away from home.Training your dog away from home is costly, and everyone can afford it.
Professional trainers have better knowledge to train every kind of dog.It will also make you learn new ways of treating your dog according to the training.
There is a chance of better and more advanced training for your dog being away from home.Sometimes, there is a fear that your lovely dog may be treated harshly.
Sending your dog away for training will give them organized training on time, which is sometimes difficult at home.Sudden Changing in the environment can make it difficult for your dog to adjust. however, with time he will get used to it.
After getting trained by a specialized organization/training center, there are more chances for your dog to stick to his training.Punish-based training will not continue if you don’t punish your dog the same way the trainers do.

Train your dog to attack

Training your dog to attack is very essential for every dog’s parents, as one of the major skills of dogs includes attacking strangers at odd times.

For training your dog to attack, first, you have to be aware of the nature of your dog as it must be possessive, confident, fearless, and obedient.

Now, it’s time to start training your dog.

  • Be consistent while training and set daily hours of training.
  • Do something irritating to your dog that can make your dog attack in aggression i.e, for this you can touch its face.
  • Wear gloves while training your dog to attack.
  • As soon as the dog attacks, say the word ‘’attack.’’ keep repeating this word every time the dog attacks.
  • Give a reward to your dog every time it follows your command. This treat can be in the form of loving it, patting it, giving it a treat, etc.

How to train your dog to be patient or wait

One of the difficult tasks to train a dog for is training your dog to do nothing. it is a difficult task for a dog to wait.

You can start the training by making your dog sit somewhere and say wait, then go somewhere and come after a while. And give your dog a treat. Repeat this trick every time. And continue giving them treats every time they wait.

You can make your dog wait outside the door or car for a better experience.

Frequently asked questions

Which breed of dog is best for friendship?

Training your dog is the key that can make every dog your friend even though which breed it belongs. But if you are breeding conscious then Golden Retriever, Poodle, Border Collie, Boston Terrier, and Labrador Retriever are some of the best friendly breeds.

What’s the best age to start training my dog?

There is no limit to age while training your dog. You can start it with an older dog as well. But the best age for the training of your dog is young like a puppy of several weeks.

From where shall I start training my dog?

You can start training your dog with basic commands first like sit, bark, stand, etc. And then gradually move on to difficult commands like attack, roll, and wait.

How can I train my deaf dog?

You can train your deaf dog by signaling him for a particular task. For this, first, gain his attention and hold a treat in your hand, when the dog approaches you, make it do the specific task by giving signals with your hand movements and as soon it does it, give it a treat. Repeat this until your dog is trained.

What should I do if my dog gets aggressive while training?

You can gradually treat your dog’s aggressive behavior. To stop your dog from being aggressive, try calming it down with treats, calm down yourself, and don’t be aggressive in response, use positive reinforcement training, you can also get the help of a professional dog trainer for better results.

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