Top 9 best places to visit in Turkey with family :

The bags are packed and tickets are booked, but I’m still confused about the best places to visit in Turkey with family. Here I am to solve your problem by informing you of the best places to visit in Turkey for a family vacation.

Turkey is a country where every sight of its creativity and structure will give you immense pleasure that you will never forget!

Top best places to visit in Turkey
Best Places to visit in Turkey

Oh! I forgot about it, and you must know about it because that’s why you have planned to be at the best places to stay in Turkey.

So without wasting any precious minutes of your time, grab a pen and paper or open notes on your mobile to make a checklist of the best places to visit in Turkey with family.

Best places to visit in Turkey with Family :

Here we go:

Most of you start your journey by visiting Istanbul first. So I’ll try to discuss Istanbul in further detail.

1. Best places to visit in Turkey Istanbul

The Bosphorus Strait divides Istanbul, a city that straddles east and west, into two distinct sections.

The old city contains about 9 square miles. The peninsular city has seven hills, six of which are crests of a long ridge above the Golden Horn; the other is a solitary eminence in the southwest corner.

Hagia Sofia, one of the best places to visit in Turkey Istanbul

Go and visit the beautiful Hagia Sofia, which has innovative architecture, a rich history, religious significance, and extraordinary characteristics that have been fighting against time for centuries. It was the largest Eastern Roman Church in Istanbul and was converted into a mosque, then a museum, and again into a mosque.

The aesthetics reflect Islam and Christianity because of their cultural architecture and lavish mosaics.

Hagia Sofia, Best place to visit in Turkey
Hagia Sofia, Istanbul

Blue Mosque

Another beautiful landmark that families should see is the Blue Mosque. It is named after the remarkable blue tiles that surround the mosque.

The Blue Mosque, Best place to visit in Turkey
Beautiful Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The mosque took more than 20,000 handmade ceramic Iznik tiles that decorate the interior with different floral motives, and the place got its light through more than 260 windows with stained glass.

Except during Muslim prayer hours, the Sultan Ahmed Blue Mosque is always available for visitors. The entrance is free; all that is required is that women fulfill the Mujslim dress regulation of covering their bodies and hair.

So, since it is one of the best places to visit in Turkey Istanbul, I would make it the top of my list of the best places to go in Turkey for family holiday.


Who doesn’t love to visit the ancient Greek ruins of an exceptionally architecturally built city?

Ephesus, Best place to visit in Turkey
Ephesus, Turkey

Well, I would definitely love to visit these beautiful ruins, which were built in Ionian Asia Minor and are located in Selcuk, a small town 30 kilometers away from Kusadasi. It is a very important UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The site to view is the Temple of Artemis, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Pay a visit to one of the greatest sites in Turkey and immerse your mind in ancient knowledge and facts, and you will feel rewarded for doing so.

Ephesus is open to visitors every day of the week. The cost to enter the ruins is 60 TL (Turkish Lira), or about $10.


Pamukkale,Best place to visit in Turkey
Cotton Castle, Turkey

There are many names designated for Pamukkale, like Cotton Castle, and White Paradise. Magically healing hot water springs. Are there any names left to describe Pamukkale as one of the best places to visit in Turkey for couples and for family holiday?

Meanwhile, the literal meaning of Pamukkale is “cotton castle,” and by having a view of this, you will feel fresh and healthy like orange juice.

The things to remember when you are visiting Pamukkale:

  • Pamukkale Gets Absolutely Packed With People.
  • Sunrise Isn’t Really The Best Time To Visit Pamukkale.
  • Sunset Is Actually The Best Time To Visit The Cotton Castle.
  • There Is A (Somewhat) Secret Spot To Watch the Sunset.
  • Pamukkale Produces The Most Blinding Reflection Of The Sun (take your sunglasses off at noon).


CAPPADOCIA, Best place to visit in Turkey

If you love air balloon rides, then this place is for you. It resulted from a volcanic eruption.

You’ll be amazed by the sloppy, rocky valleys where you can go hiking and fulfill your dream of visiting one of the best places to visit in Turkey with your family and taking beautiful, eye-catching photos that deserve thousands of likes!

So if you are confused about which part of Turkey is most beautiful, then Cappadocia is one of them!


Bursa, Best place to visit Turkey

You will feel at home when you visit Bursa, the friendly villagers there will give you a peek into the culture of Turkey that has been passed down from generation to generation. Bursa was once the capital of the Ottoman due to the presence of a large number of parks and mountains.

Can you imagine that mesmerizing beauty that will give your brain the stimulus of being in “heaven”?

So, what is stopping you from visiting one of the best places in Turkey with your family?


Gelemis,Village of Turkey, Best place to visit in Turkey

Mass Tourists can be found in all the above-mentioned places but how about if I tell you the place which is untouched by the tourists. Yes, Gelemis is one of them. It is a community situated on the seashore in the foothills of the beautiful Taurus mountains, and it is ideal for ex-pat artists looking for inspiration.

What about the numerous lovely beaches in Gelemis where you might aim to bring more enjoyment into your life?

Listing some of them and just make sure to visit these:


Blue Lagoon, Turkey
Blue Lagoon, Turkey

Ölüdeniz Blue Lagoon Turkey is a bundle of historical sites, a wondrous place, and at the top list of UNESCO World Heritage sites of Turkey. Blue Lagoon is a peaceful and stress-free place with no nightclubs and no noise, so it’s easier for couples and families to enjoy and make memorable memories there.

Some questions arise when you visit blue lagoon Turkey,

  • Can you swim in the Blue Lagoon?

Well yes, you can swim on one side of the ocean and experience the fresh and clean blue water.

  • Do you have to pay for the blue Lagoon Turkey?

You can walk around and have a look for free, but obviously, you have to pay for sun loungers, food, and drink.

  • How much is Blue Lagoon Turkey?

This destination’s entrance fee is around 15 Liras per person (which includes umbrellas and sunbeds).

Blue Lagoon is one of the most photographed and beautiful places in Turkey and that’s why it is one of the places to visit in Turkey for couples and for a family holiday.


Lycian Way, Turkey

Love hiking? Then you have reached the right page, and will be at the right spot too after reading this.

Lycian historically known as Tekke Peninsula, is considered one of the most beautiful sites with steep mountains on which you can hike, The Lycian Way features a turquoise seashore, breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches, and historic Lycian ruins dating back over 2000 years.

The finest season for trekking is in the spring when you can observe nature in bloom without being overwhelmed by scorching temperatures. You may also favor the months of October and November.


Konya, Turkey
Konya, Turkey

Konya is Turkey’s most traditional and religiously conservative city. Konya is a mix of old and new, with historic mosques, classic Seljuk architecture, and a maze of tiny market streets flanked by more modern academic buildings and commercial complexes.

The bonus for visiting Konya is the delicious food that will give you an idea about the taste and traditional spices of the locals and the famous foods that you will definitely love and never forget are  Cebic, tip-tandoor kebabs, etliekmek, and bıcakarası sweet.

You’ll be surprised to learn that living costs in Konya are half (50%) that of Istanbul. Did you know that? Or did you get it from here?

Do let me know if this article helped you out. Tried the best and squeezed in the best places to visit in Turkey with family and also the best places to visit in Turkey for couples.

Let me know in the comments which destination you adored, where you made memories, and from where you didn’t want to return home 😉

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