The True Friend, Allah Almighty

In a broken heart Allah resides,
And never will He turn his sides,

His love is the pure, the true..
He can send crimson light when you are blue.

In this universe only His love doesn’t bring any pain,
He never demands anything, neither any gain.

When our hearts break again and again,
Our souls begin wandering for a different lane.

One who is true, who loves always and cares……
Who’s friendship is manifold, layers within layers.

One who can never deceive you,
With lots and lots of sins , still he receives you.

Behold and Beware!
He’s the real true friend,
He will always be there for your heart to mend.

Keep in mind all these things,
The Almighty is the King of all the kings.

He will never make you cry,
Neither ever would he say “Good Bye”!

If you take one step towards Him, He is there to take ten steps,
His love never to get shattered or dim,

Keep in mind all these things……

And yet He is the king of all the kings!!!


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