Today Google launched a suicide hotline one box for Pakistan which allows the users to connect with the suicide helpline which appears at the top of the search result bars as soon as they search for any suicidal attempts like if they are searching for ‘HOW TO COMMIT SUICIDE‘ then this search will lend to the Umang Helpline.

Technology has changed the world by making our lives better and this is the best step taken by google to save innocent lives but it has also been in the way of ruining lives.

What is UMANG Suicide Hotline Pakistan?

Umang is Pakistan’s 24/7 Mental Health Helpline accessible free of cost and is recognized by World Health Organization.

Umang is helping Pakistanis prevent the feeling of suicide whether it is due to depression, anxiety, inflation, low self-esteem or anything Umang will help you get you out of these situations.

Suicidal Rate of Pakistan:

According to WHO estimates Pakistan has between 130k and 270k attempted suicide cases each year. According to Google Trends, today, there are thousands of searches for depression, anxiety, and suicide all surged in the country in the 2020-21 period.

How do we Prevent Suicidal Thoughts?

Whenever you are feeling stressed just talk to someone you are closest to, your friends, family or anyone you want Or just go out of your room and sit with your family, and spent some time with them. Believe me, you will feel light and happy after doing that and you will feel betterment in your health.

If you are having any depression or anxiety go and see a therapist if it’s crossing the limit and you feel useless.

Read any inspirational stories about people who are fighting for their lives and just want to spend time with their families.

I hope that no one will ever have a feeling about suicide or want to commit it.

Thanks for reading my Blog!

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