Skin Care Routine Guarantees Achieving Glowing Youthful Skin Forever

Skincare is becoming an essential part of self-care. The cosmetic industry keeps on introducing new and new products for dealing with different skin care issues. Some are for making skin wrinkle-free, some promise no dark circles, and many claims to help in staying young forever with their anti-aging properties. Self-care is important and one should spend money and time on it.

With the shift of focus towards healthy and glowing skin, the skin care industry is now an industry worth billions of dollars. They have everything that protects your skin from dawn till dusk. Globalization has brought people closer and made it easy to learn and experience new things. Now it’s easy to see what other cultures are having as a cuisine, how they dress up, how they speak, and how they look after themselves. Due to this latest skin-related tools and products are easily available across the globe. You can order skin care products from other parts of the world to your doorstep with a few clicks.


Skincare products are expensive and need proper storage as well. They cant be kept in hot places. Their containers are made of special glass which is easily breakable. Sometimes gold particles are added to give a glow to the skin and it also makes them expensive.

World Is Keen To Know Korean Skin Care Secrets

Koreans are said to be having the most beautiful skin in the world. 50 years old men and women from that part of the world look 25 years old. The world is keenly observing what they are doing to look young and beautiful forever. Different cultures are searching for the reasons why Koreans have glass skin and they don’t. Glow on the face, and spotlessness with no wrinkles and no dark circles. One wonders why they look so young and spot-free, with research one came to know that it’s not something inherited but it’s their conscious effort for years.

They have different skin care regimes for morning and evening as well. Usually morning routine is having fewer steps than the evening one. The morning routine starts with cleansing then applying toner, and moisturizer and followed by sunblock.

World Is Keen To Know Korean Skin Care Secrets

The evening routine starts with two-step cleansing, after removing makeup an oil-based cleanser is used to get rid of makeup particles inside the skin. It is later followed by normal cleansing which includes face wash. On weekly basis, exfoliation is done, and sheet masks are used twice a week. Specially designed rollers are used for controlling wrinkles, ending fine lines, and controlling dark circles. Rollers help in enhancing blood circulation on the face and it brings glow and sudden uplift as well.

Skin Care And Anti Ageing Claims

The skin care industry is targeting antiageing claims to get maximum customers. Aging is something that usually people want to slow down. No one wants to look old so early. Conscious efforts are made to make changes in one’s diet and lifestyle to maintain a youthful glow.

The skin care industry is aware of this fear and they claim to be making products that help to slow down aging. To some extent, these claims are true as having a good skincare routine helps in keeping your skin fresh and clear, which makes it hard for dust and other environmental things to damage it. Fresh and moisturized skin has fewer chances of attracting wrinkles and other anti-aging signs.

What Does Skin Care Routine Means?

There are many skin care experts on youtube advocating different steps of daily skin care. Few believe in having a ten-step skincare regime. Others think that it takes too much time and money, and it’s hard to maintain on daily basis, but a few selected steps can be taken for getting good results. skin care steps are

  • Removing makeup
  • Oil-based cleansing
  • Simple cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Sheet masks
  • Eye cream
  • Lip cream
  • Morning cream
  • Sun block
  • Night cream

Many chemical-based products are used frequently by Koreans and advertised too, but people from other continents have started believing that less is enough, there is no need to keep yourself a prisoner of so many steps and so many chemicals.

Skin Care Tools

  • Facial cleansing brushes

Facial cleansing brushes are highly recommended by skin care gurus. They have different types of shapes and tools to use differently. They are easy to use and skin-friendly, and they are used for deep penetration of facial cleansers. Which makes cleansing more effective and easy.

  • Facial Rollers

With aging our facial muscles drop down and they need something that lifts them for looking young. There are many surgeries available in the market which are expensive and do have side effects too. For this reason, facial rollers are becoming the new normal as they can be used easily in the comfort of your home and are budget-friendly as well. They are used for enhancing facial features and for deep penetration of facial serums and other skin-related products. They help in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles and controlling aging in a good manner. Plenty of them are available in the market and each aims at solving different issues. Few give sudden uplift to your cheeks and help in looking young within a few minutes. The most famous ones are

Skin Care And Our Daily Life

With every passing day, our daily life is becoming tough and tough, we struggle our levels best to make things meet. In this process we forget ourselves, we do not notice small changes in our face, hair, skin and body. As a result, we invite grey hairs and wrinkled skin with dark circles and dark lips. To look good we use makeup to hide our flaws but they keep on increasing with time.

A skincare routine with a healthy and active lifestyle like yoga or exercise can help in controlling things in our body and our surroundings as well. Stress is one of the leading causes of skin and hair-related issues. It must be avoided at all costs. Maintaining a daily skincare routine also helps in feeling good and having glowing skin throughout the year.

Skin Care And Morning And Evening Routine

Morning and evening skincare products have different properties for different times and they are made after a lot of research. They aim at maintaining the natural color, texture, and glow of the skin. Which are compromised due to stress, pollution, age, health issues, or any other factors. Maintaining a daily morning and evening routine helps in maintaining all this and giving a fresh look daily.

Is Sun Block Necessary?

Sunblock is one of the most important parts of skincare. It helps our skin in protecting from the harshness of the sun. Ultra Violet light causes skin cancer, sunblock works as a shield against it. It also helps in maintaining even skin tone. Usually, people complain about having uneven tone, they have different skin colors on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. It can be settled easily with the help of sunblock. It is also recommended by doctors to use sunblock even if you are indoors, even before going near the stove. All highly expensive skin care products are useless without sunblock.

Is Sun Block Necessary?

Never Sleep With Makeup On

Makeup helps in enhancing features and in looking good but keeping it at night is not good for the skin. Skin care experts, makeup artists, and doctors across the globe are on the same page about removing it completely before sleep. Makeup removers are a good and handy product for cleaning easily. Rubbing harshly while using soap or facial wash is not recommended. It is always advised to be gentle with your skin.

Makeup remover must be used with cotton pads which are small round patch-like things with soft material. They easily remove makeup within seconds and are easily available too. Now there are microfiber clothes available in the market as well for this purpose. Use anything but do not forget to wipe your face completely, it must be followed by cleansing.

Role Of Moisturizers In Skincare

Moisturizers plays important role in keeping our skin hydrated daily, it works as a barrier between our skin and weather and also helps in softening our skin. Winter moisturizers have ingredients that help the skin in fighting cold and dryness. while in summer, they are made with different ingredients for fighting sweat and harsh sun.

Moisturizers are available in the market for every skin type, one needs to know his/her skin type and use products accordingly. Which maintains skin and also helps in reducing the chances of wrinkles. Too much dryness or oiliness creates skin-related problems which can be easily avoided with a daily routine.

Role Of A Diet In Skin Care

Having a good diet helps in making skin glow from within. The use of nuts, avocado, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, and green vegetables will help a lot in having good skin texture and color.

Water is very important when it comes to have a fresh skin. Proper and daily use of water brings glow on face and also helps in fighting many health issues.

Caffeine intake is not highly recommended for skin and hair. It has water losing effect which can make your skin dehydrated and saggy.

Alcohol too is associated with dryness, taking it in moderation never makes things worse.

Fastfood can cause severe acne, redness, itchiness and oiliness which will lead to dryness.

Fatty meat has highly saturated fats which are bad for the skin in long run.

Dairy products are also linked with acne breakouts.

Artificial sweeteners are also associated with damaging skin

moderation is the key, everything taken within the limit is good for the body.

Role Of A Diet In Skin Care

Exercise And Skin

An active lifestyle is good for your heart health, your knees and muscles, and every part of your body. It is recommended that one must have at least 45 minutes of active routine for maximum benefits. It is not only good for physical health but mental health as well, which is then reflected on your face. It keeps skin fresh and glowing as well. Athletes throughout the world follow an active routine and they usually have fewer health-related issues and look young forever.

Facial Yoga

Facial yoga helps in exercising every muscle of the face and giving a young and wrinkle-free look. Facial yoga also deals with the issue of the double chin which is becoming everyone’s issue now a days. Many famous facial yoga experts are teaching you to do it daily at your home. Danielle Collins is one of the prominent names in teaching facial yoga from her youtube channel and Facebook page. She has a huge fan following and people are satisfied with her techniques.


looking young forever is everyone’s dream, no one wants to lose the glow and elasticity of their skin with wrinkles and fine lines and have grey hair, but we can’t avoid aging. Accepting your skin color, texture, and hair color is one of the best ways to love yourself. Gracefully bracing aging is a good decision one can have, but we can make it look more beautiful with help of self-care. One must have some Me time to focus on physical and mental health, and to enjoy time with ownself. Life’s journey is like a roller coaster ride and we must not forget ourselves.

Try to learn mind relaxing techniques along with a healthy diet, and try to avoid stress as much as possible. Have a good skincare routine to look happy, healthy, and, beautiful. One must avoid skin whitening products that have steroids and usually they result in skin cancer. Embrace your color and skin type and focus on keeping it healthy, dirt-free, and chemical-free. Have at least eight hours of sleep, as bad sleeping patterns ruin our skin and hair, wear sunscreen daily, and do not forget to smile. For insight on top skin care products, you must try before your 30s read this link.

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