Russia Ukraine War Calls For Urgent Peace

Russia Ukraine war started on 24th February as a shock to many Ukrainians as they were not expecting to see a full-scale war. They woke up to the sounds of bombs and shells being fired nearby. Many of them escaped to other parts of the country or flew off Ukraine. At the time of the attack, Russia was so sure of its immediate victory that she claimed Ukraine would be captured within three days but even after more than 90 days it is still unable to capture more than 20% area. Ukrainians also miscalculated the threat, they thought that Russia Ukraine war won’t last more than a few weeks or a month.

what happened with Russia which made its advancements so slow? The earlier idea was to storm three airports around the capital city Kyiv and replace the government but things turned opposite. It was intelligence support of the United States which helped Ukrainians in killing more than 8,000 paratroopers. Intelligence reports reveal that Russia has lost more than 30,000 soldiers in the Russia Ukraine war. This number is higher than the number they lost in an almost decade-long war with Afghanistan. The Ukrainian death toll is also estimated more or less than Russians.

Eastern Ukraine New Target

Russians changed their strategy which helped them in gaining strength and getting control of areas as compared to the past. They are now targeting Eastern Ukraine with the help of Artillery, round the clock shelling and bombing make it hard for people to stay, and also it is destroying the whole infrastructure. Civilians are forced to leave as they are trying to save their lives. In one video surfacing on the internet one car trying to escape on the only exit road is escaping shells fired on both sides of the road. In Mariupol, it is being reported that connecting routes were destroyed and soldiers were unable to leave and were forced to fight till the end.

There is continuous shelling in the city of Severo Donetsk, people fear that it seems they want to wipe it out of the earth’s surface. Russia is bombarding residential areas with tanks, and images on the internet are showing destroyed houses and infrastructure. Russian invasion is taking a bloody turn as Ukrainiann President Volodymyr Zelensky reported that at least 100 soldiers are being killed daily by Russian forces. Donbas is new target for intensified attacks.

Russia Ukraine War and Pro Russia Rebels

Russians have captured the cities of Kherson and Mariupol in southern and southeastern Ukraine. They tried to capture the capital city Kyiv but failed to do so. To curb internal help, the Ukrainian President has signed a bill that calls for seizing property and assets of pro Russia rebels.

Russian Stakes Are High

Ukrainian president Zelensky told the media that Ukraine has lost half a trillion dollars in losses during this conflict. He feared that if Russians are not controlled politically and security-wise they may repeat attacks in the future. There should be some control over the hostilities of Russia. The Ukrainian president clarified that he is open to a diplomatic solution to the conflict. He wants an international agreement with security guarantees. In a Ukrainian tv interview, he said the victory will be bloody and the end will be certainly in diplomacy. 

He said he will not allow Russia to take control of confiscated properties during the war and also mentioned that Russia do not want to leave any area under its control. He further mentioned that the only solution is diplomacy to end any conflict and this too will be ended like this.

Matthew Schmidt, associate professor of national security and political science at the University of New Haven said that Russians are making an effort to win this battle at any cost. As they lack officers with the capabilities to win against Ukraine. For face-saving, they are now systematically taking control of areas by targeting them and making sure to get control, and then move on to other parts. It is helping them in getting complete control of the eastern side.

Recently 21 years old Russian soldier Vadim Shishimarin is being sentenced to life imprisonment for killing a Ukrainian civilian.

Russian diplomat to UN Boris Bondarev resigned for being ashamed of Russian invasion on Ukraine, he does not support Russia Ukraine war.

Severodonetsk with a population of around 100,000 people could be a new Russian target. It is being reported that Russians can not afford to lose a battle as the stakes are very high and even a win is linked with many casualties and financial losses.  

International Response

World leaders are continuously condemning Russia for its expansionist ideas, they are raising concerns over human and infrastructure losses. In all meetings, summits, and seminars Russian aggression is on the top agenda. Recently US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio met in japan and declared that the Ukrainian attack is the biggest threat to the established world order. They condemned Russia for its actions and urged the need not to allow anyone in the world to disturb the status quo by force. 

At the Asia Pacific trade summit, it was highlighted that Russia should immediately cease its use of force and withdraw its forces immediately, without involving any conditions. The humanitarian situation is getting worse day by day and it is posing threat to global food and energy security.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has announced that she will send troops to Britain for training Ukrainian soldiers in the use of light field guns. Thirty personnel from a defense will be sent to Britain for this purpose till the end of July.  

Protests are going on in differnt parts of the world in favor of Ukraine for the international community to play its part in controlling the situation.

Life Is Hard For Ukrainians

UN Reports more than 6.5 million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine since the start of the war. Many are fleeing from one village to another to get a safe place but they are facing bombing and shelling everywhere. Few are coming back to their homes after the bombing stopped there. They are coming back to destroyed infrastructure and all they can remember are the painful memories of how they escaped and how they were unable to help their loved ones.

To support their economy people in Kyiv have resumed their routine activities like opening bars and shops. They are trying to play their part in making things go back to normal life.

In order to send humanitarian and  military assisstance Us president Biden has signed a $40 billion pacakge for Ukraine.

NATO New Additions

Finland and Sweden have applied to join NATO, they also fear being the next targets of Russian aggression. They have decided to end their decades-long nonalignment policy. On the other hand analysts fears that Putin may be having a secret agenda for Poland as it had for Ukraine. They fear that Putin may order to attack surprisingly or drop any bomb, just to show that NATO is irrelevant and unable to protect its members. Any provocation must be dealt seriously by the EU.

Youtube Is Removing Videos Of Russian Ukraine War

Youtube has removed more than 70,000 war-related videos of Ukraine and closed 9,000 channels that are uploading war-related videos, due to its policy which does not allow to show of violent content.  

Russian Ukraine war and Use Of Weaponary

Ukraine is using javelin anti-tank missiles and switchblade Kamikaze drones, it is believed that they are provided by the United States and its allies. On the other hand Russian top official claims that they have deployed an advanced laser weapon system in Ukraine. it is called Zadira for shooting down Ukrainian drones.

  • Russians dropped 250 kg soviet era explosives, they were FAB250 bombs which split buildings into two in Kyiv
  • Flechettes, an anti-personnel weapon which was used in the first World War. They are tiny metal arrows that were embedded in people’s heads and chests
  • Cluster Bombs

Ukrainain High Spirits

Even after these sufferings and sacrifice Ukranian spirits are high they want to get their homeland back at any cost. Videos are surfacing on social media about disbaled Ukranians who have lost their precious hands or arms due to Russia Ukraine war. Fully destructed buldings can be seen everywhere and there are many videos where elderly people are being supported for safe evacuation.

They are united and this unity is keeping them alive in this imposed war. Russia is planing to capture maximum area, to leave small and weak Ukraine behind.

What Ukranians Want

  1. Ukranian wants Russians to be punished for war crimes as new accusations are surfacing about Russian atrocities in captured areas
  2. They want to restore borders to their original state that they got in 1991 at the time of independence
  3. Ukraine wants to stop Putin and the imperialist ways of Russia, they do not want to live in fear of more attacks from the Russian side
  4. Ready for a diplomatic solution but not ready to give an inch of their property to Russia
  5. It is an existential threat for them and they are ready to fight till the last breath

Its high time for the international community to respond immediately and effectively for ending Russia Ukraine war, there should be an immediate ceasefire.UN should play its role and make it clear to the world that there is no room for aggression like this. Let sanity prevail, all wars ends on tables and without more blood shed diplamtic channels should be open. The world must be united on this issue if left unaddressed humanitarian issues will be difficult to handle. Sanctions should be imposed on Russia to make it suffer too. Even at the time of writing this article there are reports about Russian rocket attack in eastern Ukraine.

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