Rainbow Colored Toys Seizes in Saudi Arabia Promoting Homosexuality

Rainbow colored toys, clothes and different items were removed this week from the markets and stores in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Government has also banned films that shows homosexuality content in the story. The rainbow colored toys are removed from the stores this week because the authorities said that they are promoting homosexuality.

The report did not to give the exact detail that how many shops were targeted or items seized. Officials says the color in rainbow flag contradict the Islamic faith and public morals and promote sexual related colors targeting the youth. Items targeted in the city Riyadh raids include shirts, clips, bows, hats even pencil cases most of these items are made for children’s because children’s love beautiful and different color and rainbow theme is based with all the bright colors.

Officials Statement

The Ministry of Commerce officials said that Toys, clothes, and different items of rainbow color are the cause of promoting homosexuality where same sex sexual activity is banned and punishable by death. They also provide a footage on a state TV Channel shows a Saudi official person of Government walking through several stores while holding up items of rainbow color and breaking them into pieces.

In another state a report by a journalist is published in which a rainbow flag is shown and claiming that a colors in the flag send poisoned message to the children and youth. Officials of Saudi Government also posted a video on Twitter that shows they going through stores and inspecting different items for rainbows hues. Furthermore they stated that shops selling such products having rainbow theme would face legal penalities.

Report of United State Department

The US State Department in its latest annual reports of Human Rights claim that physical violence and harassments based on sexual orientation Gender Identity is not important in their employment , access to education, housing and living good life and health care in Saudi Arabia .

Reports are circulating on media that President Joe Biden is also laid to visit Saudi Arabia in July to attend a Summit of Arab Heads in States.

Banned of Cinemas By Saudi Government

After Rainbow toy seizing raids, comes as Saudi Arabia government also banned films that promoting homosexuality and sexual minorities. In April 2022, The Country Officials said that they had asked Disney to cut homosexuality references and scenes from the Marvel film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” but the team of Disney refused to cut the scenes. They also objected a twelve second scene in which character refer to her two mums.

Disney’s Latest animated movie name “Light Year” in which also same sex kiss scene are seen also on that an official of Saudi Government said that Government was trying to find a solution and want to work with Disney but after the refusal of Disney the film did not screen in the Saudi cinemas and banned due to indecent scene which are promoting homosexuality.

Blogger Sentenced to Prison

In July 2020 a Blogger Muhammad Al Bokari was sentenced to ten months in prison by Saudi Court and charged about 10,000 Saudi riyals ($2,700). He is from Yemen and he is promoting LGBT rights in his one of online video. He sentenced to prison by violating public morality and homosexuality’s in the community.

Saudi Arabia also banned cinemas in 2017 by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who also in favor of having conservative kingdom. According to the report by variety magazine in January. The country has achieved significant growth in cinema ticket sales about 95 percent increase on the previous year.

The country of Islamic norms does not allow or perform LGBTQ rights banned on same sex marriages or civil unions in pride month of June. Also homosexuals and LGBT transgenders are not allow to make holy pilgrimage to Mecca.

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