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Paypal In Pakistan 2022

Paypal in Pakistan 2022

Paypal in Pakistan 2022 really a difficult process. Govt is eager to bring Paypal in Pakistan. The decision came after approved of great and latest e-commerce company .

Paypal is an American company that operates an world wide payment system. It was founded in California, United States. No

Paypal is a really hot topic now a days, as e-commerce business is on the rise from COVID-19. Paypal is popular because of freelancing. In freelancing mostly clients feel easy to use PayPal for sending money.

History of Paypal

It is an American company. Paypal come into existence in 1998, since their one click transaction system got famous rapidly. Within a span of four years company’s worth went to 1.5 billion dollars, that is a huge target.

Paypal does work same as easypaisa but on a larger scale. Easypaisa works localy in Pakistan, whereas Paypal Has many international markets.

Now a days e-commerce firm is increasing day by day. In e-commerce people get payment from foreign clients. Without Paypal some people feel difficult to receive their payments. Just for their convenience govt allowed to come Paypal in Pakistan.

What use PayPal Has in Pakistan?

People provides different benefits to its customer.

as we know nowadays Pakistani e-commerce industry showing potential every where and in different countries. To send and receive money from all around the world need a Paypal account.

Unfortunately, Paypal account service is not working in pakistan. There are many freelancers, online workers and bloggers who have need of paypal account and have received money from Paypal..

For using PayPal to receive money, here are many methods to create Paypal in Pakistan easily.

Creating a Paypal Account

There are three types of Paypal account. First is personal, premier, and buisness acount. All three are important.

Personal Account

It is a basic account for intended shopping selling and receiving money from family and friends.

Buisness Account

This is for people who own their own buisness and make money transfer success ful for the sake of buisness. All freelancers, bloggers and many others receive payments through PayPal. Buisness accounts are of two types,

Standered account


In standard account, Paypal works at middle man. All transactions goes through via PayPal. On other side, professional account receive money as their own pattern.

When paypal will be available in Pakistan?

The committee asked about the working of Paypal in Pakistan and it’s possibility, to which IT minister is informed Paypal is not ready to work in Pakistan next two years due to FATF objects to get payment.

In Islamabad the minister of information technology and telecommunication authority announced that Paypal is not coming to the country due to some currency issues in FATF, Task force objections due to currency crisis. Although other international gateways are serving others accounts of Pakistanis in UAE and other international countries.

The remaining Pakistani customer is not working for Paypal. Senior of information technology is said about freelancers and bloggers issue faced by them. The committee reviewed the details about freelancers who have issues in taking their income without Paypal and requested them to inauguration of Paypal in Pakistan.

Member IT informed the committee that freelancers have issues with state bank of Pakistan and FBR(federal board of revenue.

Freelancers are still unregistered and undocumented. They do not want to get registered fearing harassment of government institutions.

Freelancers are ready to pay tax but not want to harassed by any other government institutions. Some member said that there is a chance of money laundering through unregistered freelancers.

The committee expressed reservation instead facilitation, barriors are the created for freelancers.

The committee asked about the possibility of Paypal in Pakistan. The ministry officers said that we are in touch with freelancers and stake holder and trying to resolve issues as soon as possible. Further said that the registration of freelancers has been started but due to lack of trust, the freelancers have so far distanced themselves from the process of registration. Trying to involve all young database freelancers in order to complete the process of registration. Here is more information about paypal in pakistan

Is Paypal illegal in Pakistan?

During the committee meeting, a represent of State Bank said that there is no ban on using PayPal in Pakistan. Paypal is a private company that is performing in many countries of the world. There is no illegally issues according Paypal.

Paypal Account from Pakistan

There are many ways by which Paypal account from Pakistan can be created. Firstly sign up Paypal account and give all details and information that is required for security reason. Paypal account creation is not difficult but little tricky.

  • Click on Paypal account
  • Click on sign up account button, middle of the page
  • Either select personal or professional account according to your needs.
  • Provide email address and give password. Password should strong according to their requirements.
  • Fill out all details and requirements that is necessary to create Paypal account.
  • As paypal not works in Pakistan so have to give email of other country, in which Paypal operates like USA
  • After completing whole procedure, don’t forget to verify your email address. Otherwise you won’t be able to receive money.
  • Login email I’d that have you created before. After login send an email to Paypal then verification.

Payoneer Account

To receive and send money, Payoneer account is important. Because Paypal account does not operate in pakistan and for money use of third party gateway is necessary for receiving payments from foreign clients.

It supports more than 160 currencies, is accepted in all the major and minor countries throughout the world making it the most viable option to do.

Here are some steps how we can create account of Payoneer.

Steps of creating Payoneer Account

  • First of all click on Payoneer website
  • Need to have valid email address. You can use that email which is used in creating Paypal account.
  • First click to sign up Payoneer account.
  • you need to fill out all relevant information.
  • here enter valid email address for Payoneer account, make sure that password should strong enough.
  • when you have done once, enter other details like city and country details etc.
  • Provide current cell phone no
  • When you done with all details and information, then go for verifying email address.
  • After all these steps Paypal and Payoneer accounts are ready and confirmed.


After getting your hands on Payoneer card, after the card now activation procedure is necessary.

Link paypal account with Payoneer

Now the last step is to link both accounts. For activation of Payoneer card, bank account of US is necessary. You can utilize your debit card which allows you to withdraw funds from any ATM.

US Paypal account from Pakistan

Tax id or EIN number of US company is necessary for creation account. It is necessary to have a business account in US, for verifying the Paypal account. It must have a US mailing address for US company, for verifying the Paypal account.

Hence all these details about Paypal account, we come to know that Paypal account is necessary in Pakistan like other countries. Unfortunately paypal is not working here

pakistanis can use with various other methods to receive their payments from international clients.

Because of freelancing Paypal occupy position in Pakistan also.

For more information click here


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