No More Internet Explorer after June 15- Microsoft welcomes Edge in place of IE:

Finally, after 25 years of providing services Internet Explorer is saying goodbye to us. Microsoft 365 will not support Internet Explorer anymore. It is a piece of good news because it is the up-gradation of the web.

Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer started serving in 1997. It had various versions IE 3, IE 4, IE 5, IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, and IE 9 was released in 2011 and the last version IE 11 was released in 2013 In January 2016 Microsoft ceased its active technical support for all other versions of Internet Explorer except IE 11. Microsoft Edge replaced Internet Explorer as the company’s preferred browser in 2016.

Internet Explorer used to be the best browser till Mozilla Firefox came along. Firefox was much popular until Google Chrome took over its popularity. Now Microsoft has come up with a new browser that is Microsoft Edge which is believed to be faster and more reliable than Google Chrome.

Now Microsoft has announced officially not supporting Internet Explorer after June 15.

Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is better for developers because web developers always make sure that the website they are coding is compatible with the present browsers and EdgeHTML is no longer present since it is gone, it is easier for the latest web standards to be executed. Most probably it will use less RAM and will be faster.

When you use Edge you will feel that it is faster than the previous version and when you try to open several tabs at a time it is better here too.

Chrome has most extensions available for that too. Microsoft store is still available but it can be installed from Chrome Extensions too.

So, it is then the end of an era as internet explorer will be no more!

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