Need of Literature in Life

These books show the need of literature in life.

“Need of literature in life”
Actually literature is an important part of educations but it has its own place in our
everyday life. Need of literature in life is essential.
History is not only related to our past, it is also suggesting our present and future.
`Literature allows a person to go back in history and learn about life from that people
who walked before us.

We can better understand our past culture and can get so much
knowledge and ways to live a proper life like, the history of ancient Egypt we can gather
history and information through paintings and manuscripts.

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Literature allows a person to step back in time and learn about life on earth from the once who walked before us. We learn through the ways by recorded form of history in the form of manuscripts and speech itself.

Many people say that literature is outdated now a days. We have many entertainment sources for us to spend quality times like, mobile phones, tv, movies etc. It is no doubt that importance of books is declining day by day. But still many readers love books to read. They know about need of literature in life.

The impact of Literature in social life

The impact of literature in social life is undeniable literature is a reflection of humanity
and way in which we can understand each other with other’s person voice we can
understand that how and what individuals thinks.
Literature allows us to intercepts our own life and emotions according to the stories we
read in literature gives us enjoyment that we relate our life according to the stories and

Literature records the real life events from the society and changes these activities into fiction and presents them to the society as a mirror in which people look themselves and make changes where necessary. That is why need of literature in life is important.

The literacy purpose

The literacy purpose is used to entertain and to give aesthetic pleasure
Literature is a creative writing of a particular people It may include their myths stories,
sayings and religious writings.

Books are essential for education

Various literature reviews are important for M.Phil. and university thesis. Literature is also relevant to course books of different authors. This increase students interest and readability habits. Improved awareness of literary styles topics and trends can make a person more thoughtful and wise. Even students become able to write more authentic and real expression.

Not all literature is important for every person, but little bit
and person can get help in his real life, and we learn a lot from this past work. We can
relate our life with this past work and story and can sort out our problems on the behalf
of that work and stories.

Primary use of literature

The primary use of literature is pass down of custom, tradition and culture. We got many
culture and traditions from our past that are mentioned in history and literature.
Literature teaches us how to live, because of traditions and customs we know that the
problems and their consequences. We know that how we can live and behave in

Foundation of Religion

Literature is also a tool for the foundation of religion. We can see that all Holy Books are
related to literature because they come from our society and environment, which deed
is sin and which is beneficial for us. At last we can say that literature is a mother of
society. Literature is the foundation of life.

Need of Literature in life is important in everyday life,
because it connects individuals with truths and ideas in a society. Literature creates a
way for people to record their thoughts and experience according to their history that
are all mentioned in a literature.
At the end we can say that about literature that literature is a stress reliever. Reading
literature improves concentration and keeps brain active and healthy, it expands a
person’s vocabulary and writing skills, communication skills also. Literature encourages
critical thinking and finally teaches about history.

Importance of Literature

The importance of literature is that it is pain reliever for reader. After reading literature
individual forget his pain and worries. Reader relates all situation that reads in literature
to his life, and tries to come out from all troubles and pains.
Literature keeps individuals brain concentrated and active because when reader
literature his brain remains active during all reading and concentrate completely what he
reads and try to understand all situation that is present in literature, because of all this
reader’s brain remains healthy and he thinks pleasant.
Literature reading expands reader’s vocabulary, writing skills and communicate skills
these all are important factors in human life and in daily routine. Communication skills
enhance human personality.

Literature enhance human critical thinking and individuals
knows about his history and historical customs and traditions. We can say that literature
is important in every aspects of human life and we learn a lot from literature
Literature relate to our life from each and every side from whether it is poetry or prose.
Literature provide insight knowledge or wisdom and emotions to solve his problems and
worries. Life is manifested in the form of literature. It is an embodiment of words based
on human tragedies, desires and feelings.

Base of humanity culture

Literature is the base of humanity’s cultures, beliefs and customs. It serves as mirror of
reality, a product of art and a wisdom to an idea. Everything that happens in a society
can be written recorded, and learned from it is a piece of literature. It cultivates
wonders, fascinate generation and feeds information. Though it is multi-dimensional
literature contributes important purposes to the world in which we live in.

Foundation of Human values
Literature explains and foundation of human values. The works of Plato, Socrates and
Aristotle contains all types of human virtues and values that promotes a perfect society
if only human beings have the willingness of practice and implement on them.
Literature is an instrument of revolution. Political and social issues can be resolved
under the implementation of literature and its advices.

Literature tells us what is wrong

After reading books of literature we come to know what is wrong or happening wrong in our lives. Like Othello, Shakespeare we know what is wrong in these books and we should behave in these types of situations.


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