Mona Lisa Smeared With a Cake in Attempted Vandalism Stunt

The Mona Lisa was subjected to a vandalism attack on Sunday. When a visitor to the world-famous museum Louvre in Paris, threw a cake on the great painting Mona Lisa, which is protected by bulletproof glass.

According to the eye witness and videos shared on social media the man who attacked on the painting was on wheel chair and dressed as a old lady, wearing lipstick and wig. Threw a piece of cake on the most visited painting, however the painting remains unharmed due to the bullet proof glass protection. The man was also seem throwing roses in the museum gallery.

The suspect identified as 36 years old climate change protester. Who was immediately arrested and sent to police psychiatrist unit.

About Mona Lisa

Painting of mona lisa

Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci, between 1503 to 1519. It is a realistic oil painting hung at the louvre museum Paris.

Mona Lisa is the most famous and valuable painting and attracted many tourists. A quarter of a million visitors just wait for their turn to snap photos of the most famous artwork by Leonardo.

The portrait is seated against an imaginary landscape wearing dark robes and no jewellery. Famous for her soft smile and eye-catching gaze. Many believe that it follows you across the room.

5 Times The Famous Painting Got Vandalised and Stolen


In 1911, The Mona Lisa was stolen by an Italian handyman Vincenzo Peruggia, who kept the painting for 2 years and then tried to sell it to a museum owner Mario Fratelli, Who backfired him and called the police. Peruggia spent 6 months in the prison and the painting was returned to the louvre.


In 1956, Mona Lisa got vandalised not once but twice. First, a man threw acid on this artwork which remains undamaged due to its protective glass and then after a few months another man threw a rock at it, causing the glass to break.


In 1974, Mona Lisa was on tour in Tokyo and was displayed at the National Museum of Tokyo. A 25 years old disabled woman Tomoko Yonezu, tried to spray paint the canvas with red colour, protesting against the lack of consideration for disabled people.


In 2009, a Russian woman threw a cup of tea at the great painting, which remain unharmed due to the protective glass. She did this because she was denied French citizenship.

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