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In recent years, remote working has become increasingly popular. If you’re new to the world of online freelancing, you may be wondering what Fiverr is all about. If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money, or even turn your side hustle into a full-time gig, you should definitely check out Fiverr. Fiverr can be a fast and easy way to start. There are many ways to make money online, and one of the most popular ways is through Fiverr. 

In this article, we’ll talk about how to make money on Fiverr, why it’s a great choice for beginning freelancers, share some tips for success, and point out some common mistakes to avoid.

What is Fiverr?

 Fiverr is a platform where people can offer their services. It is an online marketplace where sellers and buyers can connect. Below are the categories that include many subcategories that are displayed as gigs.







 The minimum acceptable charge per gig is $5, which is why the platform is called Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that allows people to sell their services for $5 each. This can be anything from writing a blog post to creating a logo. There are many different types of gigs on Fiverr, so there is something for everyone. If you have skills that you can offer others, then you should consider selling them on Fiverr.

How does Fiverr works?

If you’re looking for some extra cash or want to start your own business, then consider selling services on Fiverr as gigs. It’s an easy way to make money and there are no limits on what you can sell!  To better understand how it works


Anyone looking to earn money by selling a service is a seller. Sellers are freelancers who present their skills and services to prospective buyers.


Any person looking to purchase a service on the platform is a buyer. Before placing an order, buyers can use the search tool to browse seller profiles and find the sellers who meet their requirements.

Start selling on Fiverr

The process of making money on Fiverr is easy. Below are four steps to get you started.

1: Sign up 

2:Set up a profile

3:Create gig

4:Market your gig

make money from Fiverr

Sign up:

To sign up, you have to register first. You need to sign up as a seller by filling out your information. Via email a link of confirmation will be sent. Once you confirm your account, you can create a seller profile.

Set up a profile:

The purpose of your profile is to showcase your skills and experience to potential buyers. Buyers will order your gigs based on the way you present your profile. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity to impress buyers by proving that you’re the right freelancer for the job.

Create gig:

After you’ve completed your seller profile, it’s time to create your first gig. A gig is a description that you can use to show your services to buyers.


If you click “create a new gig,” the first section you’ll need to complete is the overview. Fill out the following sections

  • Title of gig: Let prospective buyers know what you have to offer.
  • Category: Choose a category and subcategory for your service.
  • Service type: Select the service you’d like to offer buyers.
  • Gig : Select options that  make your gig stand out.
  • Search tags: Use keywords that will help your gig rank higher when buyers search for it.


Pricing a package works like this:

  • Give a title in the “name your package” field. Give each section a unique name if you decide to use the three sections.
  • Choose the services that you would offer to buyers. 
  • Organize the price for each section in ascending order and choose the number of revisions you can provide to the buyer.
  • You can include extra services.


Provide as much detail as possible in the description section about what your gig entails. Provide answers to questions you think the buyer might ask about the services you offer by filling out the area for frequently asked questions.


Fill out this section to request what the buyer should provide before you begin the project.


 You can add images and videos to improve your gig.


When you are done with everything then it’s time to publish your gig.

Market your gig

When you publish your gig, It’s time to market through social media. Send buyer requests more and more.

Tips for Sales on Fiverr

make money from Fiverr

The competition on Fiverr is very stiff since it is one of the largest online marketplaces for freelancers. Here are some of the things you can do for your sales on Fiverr.

Stand out with Your Profile

Your profile should be detailed enough to keep buyers from guessing. By adding a professional photo or video to your profile, you can make it stand out.

Create an optimized profile and gigs

You’ll be competing against thousands of other gigs on Fiverr, making it difficult for buyers to find you. By using SEO strategies such as user-friendly language and keywords, you increase your chances of selling more.

Make a portfolio

Creating a portfolio of your work will eliminate clients’ concerns about the work they need done and let them know that you can handle it.

Get referrals

Your best clients can spread the word for you. You could even offer a discount or other incentive for each referral who hires you.

Creating more gigs

Fiverr allows you to create up to seven gigabytes for different services.

Aim for a 5-star rating

The feedback and reviews you receive on Fiverr will not only help you maintain your reputation, but they will also help your gig rank higher.

You can use the Fiverr mobile app

Fiverr has a mobile app that can help you communicate with clients.

Promote it

Promote your business from different platforms via social media, Pinterest and telegram.


You know that Fiverr is a great way to get your name out there and earn some money doing what you love. Do you know that there are even more ways to make money on Fiverr? Here are some tips:

1. Offer to add extra services for an additional fee if someone orders a gig from you. It could be anything from providing source files to completing the project faster than usual.

2. Create a custom package deal. Offer a package deal at a discount if you have multiple gigs that go well together. You should do this especially if your gigs require different amounts of time or effort.

3. Use bonuses wisely . If you can, include extras like rush delivery or source files with your gigs. This will entice buyers to choose your services over those of your competitors.


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