LGBT and Islam. Why is LGBT objectionable in Islam?

why is LGBT objectionable in Islam.


LGBT and Islam—and why is it considered a sin in Islam? To understand why Muslims consider LGBT people objectionable and, in some parts, offensive and disturbing to their society, we need to understand their point of view. Muslims do support the rights of intersex females and males, but when it comes to the LGBT community, they create hidden walls around them and try to avoid the marches and walks for the LGBT in the United States and in other parts of Europe.

In Islam, it is forbidden to commit a sin openly or in front of everyone. So developing relations with people of the same gender is also a sin, not merely in Islam but also in other religions. Give a read to our other educational posts


To understand LGBT and Islam from a different perspective, we need to see the history. We only see what happened in the last century and how gay people were killed in public due to hate present in the community. But if we try to find it in ancient times, we may find records in the previous religious books that were bestowed on the people of earth by God. The records show the strong relationship between Abraham and Lut in the community where Lut was sent to preach the message of God. 

When Abraham preached the holy message of God to his community, most of them did not accept it. Lut was among the believers, and he accepted it, and with Abraham, he left the community. God bestowed the prophecy on him and sent him to a community in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to preach to their inhabitants about monotheism and the sinfulness of homosexuality and their lustful and violent acts. So such records from history give a broad description of the phenomenon of LGBT and Islam.

So if we try to understand the fact of homosexuality, then it is not an Islamic thing merely. We find records of homosexuality and lustful acts since the time of Abraham means it is prohibited in the Torah, Psalms, Bible, and Quran.

With the brief overview of the fact that the religion was being so obliged over the people in Jewishness and Christianity that this made the people rebel, In the west, the community does not want their governments to have any concern for their personal lives; they would rather just do whatever they want, and the things that the western governments cannot control, they simply make law and regularize. At first, people did this quietly as a secret, but in the 19th century, people started to do it openly.

The ones who were oppressed by the church and Judaism for their basic needs tried to change the religion and make new definitions of life, and many gays and lesbians came onto the scene and tried to get their rights, but the hate in the community increased, and many people killed many gays in their march. LGBT and Islam are often taken side by side, but a brief overview of history shows, that just a century ago people of nearly all religions were against LGBT

That it increased the anger in the LGBT community, and they came up to the scene to ask for their rights. Incidents like these increase tensions in Europe and the United States and sanctions are being lifted gradually in different countries. Different marches and walks are being arranged by the LGBT community and other people to increase awareness around the country ad maybe around the world

After the LGBT community got their legalized rights in the European countries, now they are heading towards the Muslim countries and want them to legalize it. Now, as per the traditional history of Muslims, they are afraid to be answerable to Allah. If we revive history, then we will find that the Lut preached to his community and stayed there, but when the community did not accept him, he openly asked him to pray for them to be sabotaged by the doom.

Allah sent a message to Lut to take his family and move out of the city. When they were going out of the city, the wife of Lut, who had a soft corner for the homosexual community, turned her face in order for her empathy and became a stone. From this, the term “Those who turn their faces will come stones.” came into being, and the whole city was demolished. The ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah are still present. Many of the articles and magazines cite the Biblical story of Sodom and Gomorrah. See LGBT and Islam are considered opponents, but the LGBT are actually the opponents of humanity.

So if Allah did not allow the wife of a prophet to get pity over the homosexual community and punished her, then who are we to ask for any rights? If the LGBT community wants to practice their lives, they should move toward the countries where they have legalized this act. But Muslims request them to not try to legalize it in Muslim countries. LGBT and Islam are two opposite factors that are completely unacceptable in Islam.

Only a few countries are left where Muslims are trying to perform their lives according to religion. Yes, not all but the ones who are doing find it difficult to engulf. so the suggestion is that the Muslims who do not find it wrong or unethical act and want to practice it can simply move to the countries where LGBT is legalized. But they should not try to make it legalize and try to do it openly.

Terms need to understand:

To understand LGBT and Islam and, why Muslims take LGBT offensive we need to understand the following terms:

LGBTQ: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer


Lesbian means the women who fulfill their sexual desires from  women


Gay the men who look for men to complete their sexual desires


Bisexuals are people who get attracted not exclusively to people of one particular gender but rather attracted to both men and women equally


Transgenders are people who willingly change their gender either socially or medically they believe they can become the opposite sex by transitioning these adults are physically fine but desire to transition children are not transgenders since they can not transition at the young age


Intersex children are born with physical abnormalities. intersex are the persons who are born with deformed reproductive or sexual anatomy that does not fit the boxes of female or male

Effeminate children/men

These are physically fine children but are born with effeminacy; that is, they walk, talk, and behave a little like females, but they are males. Children are neither transgender nor intersex.

Observations and Cocluusions

The aim of this article is to enhance knowledge of some important points about LGBT and Islam that have been ignored for so long. The point of this article is to increase awareness about intersex rights. In the west, the calls for awareness about LGBT rights are much stronger than the calls for awareness about intersex rights. This article about LGBT and Islam is an effort to increase awareness of the rights of intersex people.

Intersex people are actually the ones who need rights, respect, and love. But unfortunately, the LGBT community does not allow it to be highlighted, and now, if you ask me, the intersex community is still suffering because they don’t have a home, a love of family, or rights in the legacy. Does it not feel much more disturbing that many intersex people are not getting their rights because many people intermix them with LGBT and specifically transgender people?

In this article about LGBT and Islam, I have highlighted the need to respect intersex females and intersex males as Allah has created them, but unfortunately, they have to bear the anger and insults just because they are not males or females. It is not in their control, so why not respect the way Allah has created them?

To all the human rights associations, I would like to say that they have never considered intersex properly, either in the organizations of the east or west. Have they ever considered it? Intersex people are hated for the things they don’t have any control over, but transgenders who actually change their anatomy are not.

The term “transgender” was coined by American psychiatrist John F. Oliven in 1965. It was essentially meant for people who experienced sexual orientation against their sex at birth. It says this is primarily a disordered mind when a man may feel like a woman or a woman may feel like a man, or sometimes even may have fluid gender perceptions, which are called nonbinary gender. It is a psychological and psychiatric state of mind and cannot be equated with intersex. As per the psychiatrist, transgenderism is a psychological problem. So as per the objections that rely on the LGBT and Islam, there is a need to understand that LGBT people don’t need rights; they need psychological therapy.

For other psychological problems, we ask the client or patient to seek medical help. I don’t understand why Western people, who considered themselves the most intelligent people on earth, did not ask homosexuals and transgender people to seek psychological and medical therapy.

Why did the western countries, who found themselves the most powerful and developed, not make specialized centers and clinics where they could treat this psychological disorder, but rather they just knelt down and accepted the demands of the LGBT community?

We all know that this is a wrong practice. Why then the religious scholars did not come to the scene and did not stop this?

Scholars belonging to Judaism and Christianity have not tried to eradicate it. Only some Muslim scholars have made some efforts to make people understand LGBT and Islam, but definitely, the opinion of a Muslim scholar will be useless to a Christian or a Jew. 

Lastly, I would like to say that the boycott of LGBT is not a Muslim thing; it is a thing that is against the laws of Christianity and Judaism as stated in the Bible and Torah. So the boycott of these things is beneficial for everyone in society. And more importantly, we need to focus on the rights of intersex people and should not support the LGBT community because it is against the rules of all religions and also against nature. So by highlighting LGBT and Islam together, people cannot decrease their importance in other religions.

Also, check By the end of this article, I hope the purpose of this article about LGBT and Islam has been completed. And many Muslims who are confused about Lgbt and Islam now has a distinctive and clear opinion about LGBT and Islam.

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