Balloons are Love Welcome to the world of Balloons

Balloon are first invented by Professor Michael Faraday in 1824 in London. Whoever He is He bring joy to the world. Balloons are the symbol of love and happiness. They are use in every other function of our lives. Mostly having anything special in our daily routine everyone use Balloons. Either we have birthdays, family gatherings, Religious days like Eid, Easter and Diwali we decorate our homes with Balloons.

Invention Of Balloons

Balloons designed differently and available in different shapes all over the world. If we talk about balloons market it will blow your mind out. First ever balloon commercialized in 1912 in the U.S market and look like long noodle and sausage. People used these long shape balloon making different animals shapes.

Balloon Have Different Shapes

Most popular kind of balloons in people are air filled Balloons. These are filled with helium and they are reason behind high market rate of helium. While in many countries government are against buying helium filled balloons, but mostly event decorator use helium based balloon for the decorative purpose and this is totally fine after all everybody wants there function filled with joy and happiness and Balloons make every event more beautiful.

Fun Facts About Balloons

Did you know Balloons are recycled and re-useable and there are 8 types of Balloons. Every type of balloons are different qualities.

  1. Mylar Balloons. (metal filmed material use in making them and dispose properly)
  2. Helium Balloons (using helium and make them float)
  3. Latex Balloons (standard type of balloon)
  4. Biodegradable Balloons (environment friendly)
  5. Qualatex Balloons (High quality balloons, expensive)
  6. Round Balloons (mostly use in decoration)
  7. Clear Balloon (beautiful, soft and colorful)
  8. Non Latex Balloons (latex free)

How to make it Environment friendly

Mostly people use them and dispose them. But you can  re-use them in different art projects cutting in small pieces or strips .if anyone want to dispose them then make sure disposing balloons properly. Mostly air-filled balloon when goes high up in the sky they become like solid lid and fall down to the earth and may cause pollution.

Celebration With Balloons

When it comes to Celebrate with  balloons the first ones are the children’s. They love to play and have fun with them. Every function is incomplete without balloons. Birthdays have main ingredient called balloons.

In gender reveal if doctor said for a boy then balloons are filled with blue color strips and for baby girl it filled with pink color strips.

At the end Balloons are source of happiness and throughout the world. Our world become more colorful with them.

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