KK Gone Too Soon… You Will Be Missed Forever

Singer KK left his lovers in shock with sudden death. It was a big loss to his fans, especially to 90s kids who grew up listening to him. Krishnakumar Kunnath famously known as KK was loved across the borders due to his melodious voice. KK was performing in a concert in Kolkota. He Felt discomfort and was taken back to the hotel and then to the hospital where he was pronounced brought dead. It was believed that he might have had a heart attack which resulted in his sudden demise. He was 53 years old. The music industry around the world is mourning his death.

What Happened at KKs last concert

As per Indian media, KK was performing at the Sir Gurudas Mahavidyalaya fest at Nazrul Mancha, Kolkata. It was an event of a private college, and passes were issued to the students for entry. Mismanagement was at its peak. There was a capacity of around 3000 people but 7000 were present. It resulted in suffocating the environment, and ACs were not working. In videos available with Indian media KK can be seen wiping his sweat again and again with a towel. One video shows the use of a fire extinguisher to disperse people.

KK complained about heat and discomfort and also suggested switching off a few lights. In one video available on Indian TV channels manager of KK can be seen taking him back to the stage. He was taken to the hotel, where he had vomiting and fell on the floor. From there he was rushed to Kolkotas CMRI hospital where his death was confirmed. As per the media, KK has a mark on his forehead, face, and lip, which may be due to collapse, the postmortem report will clarify the reason behind it. Police have started investigating hotel staff as well.

Questions Surfacing On KKs Death

It was a complete failure on the part of the organizers, they failed to control the crowd. In presence of such a big singer, they did not ask the police to deploy some personnel for security. People entering there kept on putting pressure on the doors and it resulted in damaging doors and tiles. There was no arrangement of a medical team or doctor even after inviting so many people. The presence of a medical team could make it easy to check KK immediately after feeling discomfort.

The concert started at 6.10 pm KK sang till 8.10 pm, he performed 15-20 songs, KK left the concert around 8.35 to 8.40 pm. In his exit video, he looks tired and dull. He went to the hotel, it was at a distance of 6 km from the concert. His health kept on deteriorating, it is being reported that KK fell on the sofa which resulted in injuries to his face and mouth. At around 10 pm he was taken to the hospital in a rush, and at 10.15 pm pronounced dead. The investigation will clarify the reason for the marks on the face. Unnatural death was registered in an FIR. Few things need to be investigated thoroughly

  1. Why 7000 people were given passes in a capacity of 2482 people?
  2. AC cooling was not enough or it was switched off?
  3. What were the arrangements of organizers to manage this concert or this huge crowd?
  4. A stampede can be seen in post concert videos. whymanagement failed to manage?
  5. People tried to break the doors and entered from wherever they got the chance,why police was not deployed to handle a crowd?
  6. Why he was taken to the hotel and not to the hospital?

KK Life And Career

KK was born and raised in Delhi. He was famous for his playback singing, KK recorded songs in different languages, Hindi, Bengali, Gujrati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Odia. He believed that singers should be heard than seen, he was comfortably singing playback songs for decades. He had won many best playback singer male awards. A few of his super hit songs are

  1. Tadap Tadap
  2. Yaaron
  3. Mera pehla pehla pyar
  4. Khuda jane

Condolence messages around the world are shared by his fans and loved ones

KK Funeral

Doctors believe that he was fit and healthy in concert, he had no known disease history in past as well. It is feared that he died due to suffocation, but the postmortem report will clarify the reality.

KK was given a gun salute in Kolkata in presence of his family, later that evening his family flew back home along with his corpse for final rites. He was cremated at Mumbai Versova Hindu Cemetry in presence of his family, friends, and colleagues. Thousands of people watched it live on tv or via video links. His wife and kids looked strong and as per reports, they bid him goodbye with a smile instead of tears.

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