Italian authorities seized Russian $700M luxury Yacht.

Italian authorities seize Russian President Vladimir Putin's 700$ Million luxury Yacht

Italian authorities seize Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 700$ Million luxury Yacht. But why did Italy do that? The biggest reason for this is that no country wants world war III hu. But today Russia is the cause of world war 3.Because it has invaded Ukraine for no reason, killing the Ukrainian army as well as civilians. And today the whole world has left Ukraine alone.

•And the biggest reason for this is that the world war Whoever does not want the country but Russia is taking the name of stopping. And there is no end to the war between Russia and Ukraine. And tensions are rising between the two countries….

And if that happened then World War 3 would have a 50% chance Every country wants this war to end soon. And because of Russia’s injustice, almost all countries in the world have banned it۔ In view of this, Italy also confiscated Russia’s luxury yacht. And that luxurious yacht was Vladimir Putin. And the price of this luxury yacht is 700M$.

•• When Italian police confirmed the yacht, they found it to be the most expensive yacht in the world. Immediately after the so-called Scheherazade Italian authorities announced on Friday that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s $700 million luxury megawatt had been confiscated. And later it was discovered that the yacht main Russian regulations have been found. From which Russia would know that Italy is another country with it. This phirr could also be used to spy on a country with the help of this luxury yacht.

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