Is A Rotating Car Seat Worth Buying? 5 Best Cars We Suggest You Buy.

Yes, a rotating car seat is a worthwhile feature to consider when purchasing a car seat for your child! While rotating car seats are a new feature in the US market. They have been available in Europe for several years and are a convenient way to secure your child in their car seat in a more ergonomic and back-friendly way for parents than the traditional rear and forward-facing car seats.

What Is A Rotating Car Seat?

Rotating car seats are seats which can be rotated from rear-facing to forward-facing. That’s why it is also called a Swivel car seat.

The rotating car seats may have similar features as  Traditional convertible seats like

  • Ability to rear or forward face
  • Variable recline position
  • Five-point harness
  • A LATCH system
  • With a Swivel seat

Why Buy A Rotating Car Seat?

You’ll see in this text why a rotating car seat is such a brilliant concept if you’ve ever tried to get a wriggling, crying child into a rear-facing car seat.

  • Swivel car seats are very helpful when you want to get your baby or toddler into and out of the car. This is essential when your little one is rear-facing. Standard rear-facing car seats don’t require the awkward reach that rotating car seats do because they swivel to the side.
  • Rotating car seats offer safety for your child which surely is the most important thing for you. 
  • To be sure you’re exceeding the rear-facing weight or height limits of your car seat, a rotating car seat can be an excellent solution.

Is Rotating Car Seats Worth Buying It?

It can be difficult to choose a car seat, especially if it’s a convertible that will be used for many years. A rotating car seat has a lot of advantages, but it also has some disadvantages, just like any other piece of infant equipment. You can decide if a swivel car seat is worthwhile for you by weighing the benefits and drawbacks of this type of seat.

Comfort and simplicity. Without a doubt, a swivelling car seat makes it simpler to put and remove your child from the vehicle than a conventional convertible. This can be especially useful if you have a physical disability or if your child will be being driven by an elderly relative or another caretaker.Rear-facing weight limit is low. Although rotating car seats make rear-facing easier, their rear-facing weight limit is lower than many traditional convertible car seats. That means your child will reach the rear-facing limit of their swivelling car seat sooner than they would in many other car seats.
Possibility of prolonged rear-facing. It is safer to keep your child rear-facing until they reach the car seat’s maximum weight restriction, and a rotating seat makes it easier to do soCost. Rotating car seats are typically more expensive than standard convertible car seats.
Just Install and good to go: When utilizing a conventional convertible car seat, you must first install it for rear-facing and then again for forward-facing.Size and Space. Because of the swivel feature, a rotating car seat may not be able to be placed straight next to another car seat in some vehicles. Furthermore, some rotating car seats are large from front to back, making them unsuitable for sedans or smaller vehicles.
Positive PointsNegative Points
Pros and Cons of Rotating Car Seats

Best Rotating Seat Cars We Suggest You Buy?

When your child is rear-facing, make it easier to buckle your child and let them enjoy the ride for an extended period. Keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible in the vehicle is the safest position for them. Here we suggest the five best Rotating seat cars for your Baby or toddler.

1. Evenflo Revolve 360 Spinning All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

The Evenflo Revolve is one of the best rotating car seats on the market because it can spin with one hand. It began as a swivel infant car seat and can now be used as a swivel toddler car seat and a high-back booster. The main seat can be removed from the base, a unique feature. The feature of this car seat allows you to easily install the bottom without having to contend with a large rotating convertible car seat. Since the previous version, there has been a design change. It can now install once and cover all settings. One disadvantage is that the harness belt’s shape can dig into the thighs of the baby.

2. Cybex Sirona S 360° Rotational SensorSafe Convertible Car Seat

A car seat that rotates 360 degrees can be used on either side of your vehicle. This Cybex rotating car seat is handy when putting your child in their car seat because they can face you and make it easier to tighten the harness and ensure your child’s safety.It has another great feature: it secures the rotating car seat via the base Latch. Whether in a rear-facing or front-facing position, you do not need to reinstall the seat. The rotating 360-degree feature is the main improvement over the previous Cybex model. The seat’s size and weight are disadvantages. They are making it difficult to move between vehicles.

3. Graco Turn2Me 3-In-1 Convertible Swiveling Car Seat

With the ease of swivelling from rear to front-facing and on either side, both arms of this Graco rotational car seat have swivel release buttons. You can use your swivel baby seat with one hand by pressing only one button. The most significant advantage of this turning car seat is the audible click you hear when the beat is adequately secured. The addition of the rotating baby car seat function is the most significant improvement over the previous version.

When switching from rear to front facing, one should reinstall the seat; that’s the disadvantage.

4. Maxi-Cosi Emme Convertible 360 Car Seat

The Maxi-Cosi Emme is available in the market as one of the best 360-degree car seats. As a swivel convertible car seat, it can quickly grow with your child while still providing the rotation feature in later years. One of the best aspects of this swivelling car seat is its ability to convert into a high back belt booster. You will no longer need to change your child’s car seat as they grow. Adding magnetic clips is the most significant improvement over the previous model. They are holding the harness open while your child gets in. One disadvantage of this seat is its weight.

5. Baby Jogger City Turn Swivel Convertible Car Seat

The advantage of this Baby Jogger City rotating convertible car seat is how much easier it makes getting your child in and out. Ideal for expecting parents, those with back problems, or those looking for convenience. The colour coding and bubble guide are essential features of this swivel convertible car seat. Everything is in place to help you install the seat correctly.

The rotating feature is the most significant improvement over the previous model. On the other hand, the swivel on this seat only rotates 180 degrees.

It’s better than nothing now, but compared to competitors with 360-degree functionality, this could be improved in future versions.


The most crucial point when buying a Rotating Car seat for your child is their safety. Never put anyone else in a car seat that isn’t designed for them because they could be injured or killed. The most important thing you can do to ensure your child’s safety is to educate yourself on the available features of each car seat, select the one best suited to your family’s lifestyle, and properly install it in your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the estimated price of a rotating car seat?

Because many rotating car seats are designed to last up to four years, they can be more expensive, starting at around £200 and going up to £400.
However, it is worthwhile to shop around to determine what is included in the price. 

2. Is there any point in buying a rotating car seat?

When you choose a rotating car seat, you’re getting the best of both worlds: safety and convenience. If you use one, your baby or child will travel in a safe rearward-facing position, and it will be quick and easy to get them strapped in and ready to go. And you can do it all without bending over or putting strain on your back.

3. Is it safe to use rotating car seats

It’s a safety feature to have if you only use the swivel function on your car seat when getting your baby in and out of the car or switching from rear to forward facing. The key point to assure safety after rotation is to ensure that the seat is fully locked in the correct position before taking off.

4. Can you use a Rotating car seat from birth?

From birth to four years, a perfectly comfortable and safe rotating car seat designed for long-term use can be utilized.

5. Can you drive with a swivel seat in reverse?

It is perfectly safe to drive with the middle row of the captain’s seats swivelled backwards.

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