Why you need someone -Importance of a person in your life

It made me think, what exactly would be the definition of importance of a person. Sometimes it is defined as “Someone who gave you good advice was mature and knew what he was doing”.

The importance of someone is immeasurable. Someone can make a difference in your life by simply being there for you when you need them the most. You take care of them in their worst of times, and they take care of you when you’re at your worst. As you progress in your life, you can change into a different person. It’s totally natural and to be expected.

They can provide support, comfort and friendship during difficult times. Someone is always willing to lend an ear and offer words of wisdom when needed. They are a valuable resource and should be appreciated for all they do for you.

importance of a person

There is no denying that we all need people in our lives. People provide us with support, love, and friendship. They can make us laugh when we are down and help us through tough times. We all have different people who are important to us for different reasons. For some, it might be their parents or siblings who they rely on for support. For others, it might be their best friend from childhood whom they can always count on for a good laugh. Whoever these important people may be in your life, you should never take them for granted!

For example, my most important Person was the best friend: I made in seventh grade.

 She has seen me cry more than my parents have, and she has always been brutally honest about the stupid boys I would cry over. Since college keeps us busy, we only get a chance to talk once a week, but she is still my best friend. It’s just too far (and too busy) for her to be my Person, as I am too needy and clingy for that to work.

You know very well who you would tell first when you are happy or sad.If you had to think about the answers, it’s possible that you’re emotionally alone. The word “alone” has many different meanings. Solitary confinement, the comfort of your living room and being physically alone. A concert by yourself can leave you socially alone, feeling that you can’t connect with others. Or you can be emotionally alone, which is what we’re talking about here.

When you are emotionally alone, you don’t have a Person who provides support and kindness to you on a regular basis.  There may be friends and family around you, but the interactions are superficial and the relationships lack depth and understanding.

Having a connection with others is in our nature as human beings. Almost all of us need at least one friend, relative or significant other who is completely committed to our happiness, who loves us, and who we can share our victories and struggles with. It is often the case that without this Person, we are left in an echo chamber of our deepest fears and insecurities, where the cruel things we say to ourselves are allowed to continue unchecked.

Someone who values, sees, hears and understands you is Your Person.

You know everything about yourself. With no filters, you can see yourself as a better person if you are happy and satisfied with yourself. You know yourself better than anyone. You know what you need, who you are. Think about the relationships in your life that are important to you right now. Are any of them under stress? Are any of them in need of nurturing? If so, make a decision to do something to improve things.


People play a crucial role in our lives and can help shape who we become as individuals. They teach us how to interact with others, how to love and be loved, and how to cope with difficult situations. We learn from them about life experiences both good and bad.

 These lessons stay with us long after the person has left our lives physically; they continue to influence the decisions we make every day. So if there is someone in your life that you care about deeply – whether you’ve known them forever or just met them – tell them! Let them know how much they mean to you and what they have done for you over the years.


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