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Who in the world doesn’t want to study effectively smarter not harder and get flying marks too. Well, if you are from the positive one then this Blog is for you!

Nowadays, it is difficult for many students to balance social and academic life because of many assignments, projects, and presentations being assigned to them but you can balance all of these smartly after reading this.

It can happen by just studying smarter and more effectively.

Here are the TOP 8 TIPS on how to study effectively!

Good study skills can help you reach the peak of smartness without studying harder.

1. Cover The Topics Daily:

Try to study the topic the day that you are being taught, this will help you to retain all the things smartly and will not burden your mind and you don’t have to study harder before a big test of that particular subject.

As one of the famous personalities has quoted:

“It always feels impossible until it is done”

Nelson Mandela

2. Practice and Revision:

Everyone knows the famous phrase that ‘ Practice makes a man perfect ‘ and yes it can do wonders to help you study smarter and effectively.

Whenever you learn a new thing or new topic then always revise it at the end of the day and in the case of maths and numerical practice all of the problems until you feel confident that you can do the best in your exams with these.

When I was in college I asked one of my respected teachers about the key to remembering everything I learned effectively. The only words he used were REVISION and PRACTICE and for the learning subjects, you should revise a subject 3 times.

3. Test Your Mind:

Done with Practising and Revision? Now it’s time to test yourself if you have studied efficiently or not. Set a timer then start writing your answers as you have studied effectively and have done practice too then it is Easy peasy for you. This tip to study smarter will also help you write perfectly in your exams.

4. Don’t Distract Yourself:

Every student knows what I mean by this tip. Yes, you guessed right it’s about your mobile phones and laptops.

When you make up your mind to study first thing you should do is switch off your mobile phones or turn off notifications and keep them away.

Don’t multitask while studying as you will not be able to focus on one. If the mobile phone is necessary for you to study then just focus on that particular topic you have to study and close all the other social media apps. This tip will definitely help you to study effectively.

5. Go Through Your Notes:

If you have made notes while reading then don’t forget to go through them as it will recall all the important key points that you have studied or are about to study.

6. Set Targets For Projects:

If you have given any assignment, project, or presentation and have exams coming up too then set your target. For example, if you know there are 2 assignments due for 6 days then split 3 days for one assignment and spent half of the days making the assignment and half studying efficiently.

7. Take a Break:

One of my important parts of studying is this. If you have studied for 1 hour then your mind is not going to focus anymore because according to studies Our brain can only focus for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Do whatever you want in this time and reward yourself for working hard, Go out and take some fresh air, scroll down your social media account but don’t scroll too much, or watch one episode of your favorite season, and last but not the least eat something that you are craving for.

8. Don’t Revise In Last Minute:

Now that you have studied effectively and smartly for your exams, don’t burden yourself with revision at the last minute. Relax and think that you have done everything and you know everything you studied.

Sometimes just before the exams, we think that we forget every word but it’s natural and happens to everyone.

I hope that this blog will help you study smarter, efficiently, and effectively to ace good marks in your exams. Let me know if you study with the same pattern or if there is something missing that you follow with your studies and always get great marks too.

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