How to Grow your business with Digital Marketing- 8 Email Marketing Tips to be successful

Every business man wants to see their brands make sales like a pro! Well, I’m here to tell you how you can grow your business with digital marketing.

Most E-commerce store owners are confused about how to make sales. Even they have got a good and eye-catchy website, quality products and engagement but not sales…

Maybe they are missing an important strategy that most of the store owners are using which is Email marketing to be successful.

How to grow your business with Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a perfect tool for businesses that convert the visitors of their websites to buyers or lifetime customers.

You just need to have a perfect strategy to accomplish this milestone!

Steps to do Email Marketing!

1. Create POP-UP FORMS:

You can create eye-catchy pop-up forms with the help of many Email Marketing tools like Klaviyo. With the help of pop-up forms, you can easily get your visitor’s email address by offering something like tips or a discount code for signing up.

Here is an example of a brand that is offering a 40% discount to make the visitors enter their email addresses.

2. Create your Email Marketing Campaign:

When you have done creating your email list then categorize your subscribers into lists and segments. Lists and segments make it easier for you about what content you have to send to which subscriber. The response rate will be improved with this strategy.

3. Design Newsletters:

Whenever there is an announcement to make or a new product is launched, you can let your customers know of that product by sending beautiful and eye-catchy newsletters containing a little information about that product or a discount code to let them buy that product immediately.

Don’t forget to put quality pictures for your product. Attractive images increase the chances to make the product sell.

Here in this image, you can see some examples in which the brand is introducing their newly launched products. Who would not buy from them after seeing these beautiful newsletters?

4. Good Copy of Email:

I think this is one of the most essential steps to make your business fly! The more engaging copy the more revenue you can generate.

Always try to talk to your subscribers like a friend, and let them buy products by telling them a funny and engaging story that makes them click on the BUY NOW button.

5. Timing:

Perfect timing to send email to your customers matters a lot.

For example: If you want to send emails to stay-at-home moms then the best time to send email is in the morning or afternoon when the kids will be at school and moms are free to read your emails.

6. Make your emails device friendly:

According to research, about 75% of emails are being read on mobile devices so your email designs must be able to fit on that particular device without distorting the quality of images or alignment.

7. Add reviews at the end of every email:

Everyone wants proof about the product and how it has affected people who had already bought it!

Adding a customer review or a video in which the buyer is praising the product will make your audience believe in you and your product more.

By doing this there are more chances that your subscriber will buy that from you.

Another important strategy to build a customer-brand relationship stronger is always to ask for a review about that particular product that your customer has bought. You can design Emails for requesting a review.

Have a look at this review email in which they are asking for a review by offering them a gift card!

8. Which Email Marketing tool to use?

There are many tools to use for this purpose. I am mentioning a few of them which can save you time and money.

That’s it! By following these actions you will be able to make sales like a pro for your businesses!

Thank you for reading my Blog! Comment below if you are struggling with your sales and discovered it helpful.

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