How to become a successful freelance writer in 2023

How to become a successful freelance writer

There is no need to have fancy degree or ton of trainings to learn how to become a successful freelance writer in 2023. Research shows that freelance writers can make over 70000 on average annually.

How to become a successful freelance writer in 2023

The idea of getting paid to write and work from home may sound too good to be true. Making a living as a freelance writer is work and its going to require time and an investment in yourself to get started. But this career will give more flexibility and opportunities. For this, we should only know about how to become freelance writer

Difference between freelance writer and employer

First of all freelance writer are not employee. That is why, freelance writers have more flexible time and opportunity. Freelance writers have no restrictions to do work in a given time. To realize this fact, everyone wants to learn how to become a freelancers.

If someone is ready to start own writing business then there are some steps to follow in order to learn how to become freelance writer

Types of writers

This is an important first step. There are different types of writer. Every person can choose writing category in order to earn from writing, by writing we come to know how to become a successful freelance writer in 2023.

These freelance writing types are

Article writing

This probably the most common type of writing when people things about freelancing. This types of writing is for newspaper and magazines mostly.With the passage of time person come to know how to become a successful freelance writer in 2023.


A writer can make money by either having own blog or writing blog posts for other bloggers.


As a freelance copywriter, writer will write creative copy to help businesses establish and promote brands, and market products and services

Freelance writer have much more opportunity to learn how to become freelance writers.

Social Media Content

Social Media becoming an important aspects of everyone’s life. Therefore, social media content is important to get fame on social media. As a social media brands planning, writing and scheduling social media posts across a variety of platforms

Freelance columnist

A freelance columnist works regularly with a specific publication, providing journalistic articles through the lens of their own opinions and worldviews. Whether a newspaper, magazine, or website, columnists usually contribute to a specific section, like cooking, sports, or politics.

Freelance ghostwriter

Freelance ghostwriters create written work on behalf of and credited to another individual or company. Ghostwriters often work closely with those they’re writing for, following their voice, style, and other specifications to a T.

Freelance ghostwriters can work on a variety of projects, from fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, online articles, manuals, or speeches.

Freelance academic writer

As the name suggests, freelance academic writers write academic content that’s rooted in evidence-based facts.

How to start freelance writing

There are many easy way to start freelancing and how we can learn freelance writing. And how to become a successful freelance writer.

1) Choose your niche

Find Your Niche on brick wall and poster concept

First and foremost step is the selection of niche topic on which writer wants to write and interest.

2) Pitch Yourself everywhere

After selecting niche, the second and important point is to pitch yourself everywhere. Make your different accounts. Post your ability everywhere. Social Media is in trending now a days, so post your ability on social media at different platforms.

3) Build profile

Build Profile

There are too much platforms on social media where you can build your profile. Like LinkedIn, fiver, Upwork and many many more. Build strong profile with a great pic.

Tell your specialty there and get work to earn.

4) Write Sample work

Sample Work

After build up your portfolio, mention your great sample work. First of do some sample work free for some people to make your sample strong.
After that mention this sample work on your portfolio. It will give great and attractive impact to clients.

Great sample work enhance the beauty and charm of portfolio. Clients attract more because of sample work.

5) Target the clients

Target Clients

The next step in writing overview is what type of client is required.
Paint a clear picture of who they are so that they can immediately identify themselves as they are reading what you have to say.

By speaking directly to them, you will effectively establish a connection right of the bat.

6) Collect testimonials from your client

Client Testimonials

After completing your work, collect praising remarks from clients. This type of remarks increase value of your portfolio and attract other clients as well.
These are some great tips to know how to become a successful writer.

Writing Courses

There are too many courses about writing and institutions also. They are all sources of teaching how to become a successful freelance writer.

1) Coursary

Compare writing courses from all institutions Coursary is best among all institutions.

Best online and writing courses are available here. Millions of students learn about writing. They learn how to become a successful freelance writer in this institute. The mentors teach each and everything about writing that is necessary for writings.

2) Udemy

Udemy is another online institution to teach writing.
It is totally free and excellent institute to teach.
Content writing is literally an art and best thing to express feelings. This is best for some people who can publish their writings.
Many tools are there to assist writing which can make it easier and efficient.

1) Grammerly

Best and excellent tool to decrease grammatical mistakes is Grammerly. This tool have many excellent features that can enhance beauty of writing

2) Hamming Way App

This app is complete in itself. It’s features are amazing and mind blowing. This app tells readability score and criteria. Writing can be improved 100 percent by using this app.

Content writing is really an amazing job. There are many platforms for content writing. And great opportunity for those who want to work from home.

There are many opportunities for how to become a successful freelance writer. If any freelance writer have its own blog and website then they have more opportunity to earn and write.
Content writers have wide range niches to write publish their writings.

Making a living just by writing is more difficult, especially at the beginning of the career. The reality of freelance writing is using it to earn living without some other jobs on hand.


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