How Google Web Stories Can Drive Huge Traffic To Your Site.

Google Web stories are a new way to engage people on your blog as people love to get engaged through stories. Making a Website is easy nowadays. Technology and Artificial Intelligence have now become human assistants. But Engaging people on your website or blog is something that matters the most. Without traffic, your blog or website is nothing but just trash. But before we start we must know what web stories are and how they can help us to drive traffic to our site.

What Are Google Web Stories

A new way to connect with others and promote your content through your website with just one tap. Google web stories are a new way to gain massive organic traffic on your blog post or article. They are tappable, interactional, and immersive just like Facebook or Instagram stories but web stories are not just about engaging the audience, you can also monetize your stories through Google AdWord both paid and direct, and you can get as much for your creative content. You can also link to a monetizable Affiliate and also link out to other products, articles, and videos.

Web stories were launched as AMP Stories and created by AMP Technology earlier in 2018, but Google rebranded it and named it Google web stories, and it was launched in October 2020 on their app Google Discover currently stories carousel is only available in three regions Brazil, United State, and India.

Web Story For WordPress

Web stories are easy to use, and if your website is on WordPress you are in luck as Google has created a free WordPress Plugin and has built a user-friendly editor from which you can easily create your stories within a minute

Free Access To Images.

You can also get free access to the relevant images through Newsroom AI Getty Image integration, and make your content attractive, It is a Third-party plugin for web stories. You don’t have to search for pictures here and there for every single story. They also have a paid version where you can get access to the editorial images as well as videos.

Using SEO for Promoting.

The capability of Google SEO is unmatchable, So by creating web stories and using search engines you are promoting your site and users can find your website easily.

Promote Your Business.

You can not just promote your article or your content you can promote your business as well. As it will reach out to as many customers as it can all over the world.

How to Create Web Story?

Web stories are visual mediums so before creating a story, you have to find out what people want to see? Is your content worth able? Will your content helps you to drive traffic to your site? Is this the content that attracts an audience? Remember your content is your king, always figure out what people want to see and hear.

Bring Your Story To Life

When you find your content, Bring your story to life by using tools, and templates, edit your story, and customized your content just the way you want it to be.

Publish And Share Your Story

When you get satisfied with your story content, It’s time to publish your thoughts with the audience on your website. You can also share your stories on different social media platforms to promote your content.

Found on Google Surface

Your story content can be found on Google Discover or Google Search. This also helps you to generate more traffic.

7 Steps To Create Your Google Web story.

To create a Web Story, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Web Stories.
  2. In the top left corner of the screen, click Create Story.
  3. In the Create Story window, enter a title for your story and click Create.
  4. In the Story window, select the type of story you want to create.
  5. In the Story Details window, you can add information about your story.
  6. In the Links section, you can add links to other websites or blogs.
  7. Click Publish to share your story with your readers.

Your readers can visit your story by clicking it.

How Do You Get Traffic To Web Story?

There is no single answer to this question, as the best way to get traffic to your Google web stories will vary depending on the content, the target audience, and the marketing strategy you are using. However, some basic tips for getting traffic to your web story include:

Writing a good, quality piece of content is key. Make sure your web story is well-written, informative, and interesting to your target audience.

Promote your web story through social media and other online platforms. Make sure to share your content with your followers and other interested individuals, and use effective social media marketing strategies to drive traffic to your story.

Google Web Stories can surely help drive traffic to your website. By creating a Web Story, you can share a story that is interactive and engaging. This type of feature is perfect to engage you with your audience on a personal level. It also provides a way for you to promote your blog and build relationships with your readers. Like Instagram or Tiktok stories, they are like slides showing a small glimpse of what you do or want to share. People got hooked up through our stories and this eventually help us to gain more traffic to our website.

Final Thoughts, On Google Web Stories

Google web stories are gaining astonishing popularity, Desktop and Mobile both users can see full-screen web stories

According to 2021 statistics, Average people spend 145 minutes on social media every day just scrolling. People love to scroll and Stories are a new way to engage them.

People find you through Google discover or Google Sources, as your stories appear on the left side of the App. Make sure your story content is appealing so the audience gets engaged and is willing to know more about your content.

This could be anything, lifestyle, latest fashion, food, travel, and so on. Try to target the right audience and if you are using an affiliate link make sure not to use them more than once in your entire story.

Web stories can do wonders for your site, Helps you gain organic traffic by drawing up your CTR (Click-through-Rate) make sure you are using powerful SEO.

So, What are you waiting for? As Google web stories are worth trying then go for it and Good Luck!

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