How can you deal with Depression: become 1 of the happiest person

:- Overview

 Depression is common in every one third of the population.It’s a mental health disorder that affects millions of people around the world. Depression can make it difficult to enjoy activities you once loved, make decisions, or concentrate on anything. If left untreated, depression can lead to suicide.Feeling and thinking are affected. Before you need to deal with it you have to understand that you have depression or sadness. It is two different things.

: losing of your job

: relationship failure

: success failure

: death of loved one

These are examples of sadness. Being sad is different from being depressed. Some feelings of sadness are normal, but  depression is not. Both can be removed with some effort and determination. There are many ways to deal with it. The most important thing is to seek help from a professional if you think you may be suffering from it. There are also many self-help measures you can take.

:- Thoughts

You can’t live a Positive life with negative mind

 Sometimes being negative isn’t realistic. In order to move forward you need to let go of the negative thoughts you have.  You create a Thought Diary to keep track of your thoughts. You can avoid stopping your thoughts. You will be able to take the first step to getting rid of it if you do this.


My BFFs My strength

 When you have nothing to do, make a schedule and try to do something else. Create a daily schedule and write down what you will do each day. That helps you to reduce your depression. Apart from this, you might be reach out to friends and family members for support . Talking about how you’re feeling with trusted friends or family members can help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

:- Sleep

Sleep disturbance is a very common example of depression. Lack of sleep or too much sleep both cause depression. You should sleep for at least eight hours a day. You must sleep at the same time day and night. You will have a schedule. If you get enough sleep, you will feel more energetic and hopeful.


 According to a researcher, spending time in nature makes you feel better and more energetic. You might feel better by taking a walk in a garden after lunch under a tree. Taking time to spend with your family is also a step toward overcoming depression. 


When you have a proper diet, you’ll feel the magic of overcoming depression. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that will help you move forward. If you avoid junk food, you will feel more energetic. Eat fresh fruits and use healthy oils.


 Doctors said, some physical activities might help you to overcome depression.  Exercise releases endorphins which have mood-boosting effects and help improve your overall moods. Practicing yoga can help you achieve this.


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