Get rid of anxiety disorder with 11 Genius tips

Anxiety disorder and how you can deal with it

Anxiety disorder is a state in which your mental health is disturbed which leads you to suffer from fear, dread, excessive panic, being tense, feeling uneasy, and irritability.

A person suffering from anxiety disorder feels anxious and tense while solving any problem, wants to withdraw as they are future-oriented, have less courage to deal with everyday life, and want to avoid the fast pace of life.

Are you also suffering from anxiety?

Mostly people of age 19-30 are the victims of anxiety disorder.

Here is the list of symptoms that will let you know whether you are suffering from anxiety.

  • Sense of fear
  • trembling
  • Being tense
  • Feeling to withdraw
  • Future-oriented
  • Feeling worried
  • Sweating
  • Feeling restless
  • Feeling tired
  • Feeling nervous
  • Chest pain
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Irrational behavior

The symptoms can be physical and mental both depending on the intensity and type of anxiety a person is facing.

Causes of Anxiety

Different causes are the reason that can trigger anxiety in you. You can treat your anxiety depending on the cause of it.

Here is a list of causes that can lead to anxiety.

  • Caffeine is one of the leading reasons that can lead to severe anxiety disorder as caffeine can boost your flight response and reduce feel good sensation present in your nervous system.
  •  An unhealthy environment, according to research, is the reason for anxiety disorder in many people. It can be your home, working place, or any study environment.
  • a person can have anxiety if he/she had been suffered through Abuse. The abuse can be mental, physical, or emotional and causes chronic stress that leads to anxiety disorder.
  • Anxiety can be due to any kind of trauma faced by the person. Trauma leads to PTSD, it can be due to some bad experiences in childhood, any abusive relationship in past, or because of any other misfortune.
  • Drugs can cause a change in the natural chemicals that manage our nervous system, the imbalance of these chemicals can cause anxiety.
  • Stress leads to anxiety, it can be due to a long period of stress on everyday problems triggering you or stress due to a big misfortune.
  • Other reasons that can lead you to anxiety are sleeplessness, excessive use of social media, and not having the capacity to move on from some misfortune or any mental disorder.

How you can deal with anxiety disorder

Anxiety disorder is becoming common nowadays as almost 6.8 million adults had been the victim of anxiety disorder. And the ratio of women suffering from an anxiety disorder is double that of men. And there is an increase in this ratio day by day.

If you are also one of the people suffering from anxiety disorder and looking for guidance on how to cooperate with it and maintain a healthy state then keep on reading as these measurements are just right for you.


”mindful meditation” is one of the basics of reducing anxiety. Buddhists had a strong belief in meditation for reducing anxiety. you just need to make yourself calm and still from your core and focus your mind. This can be possible with a concentration on your present while closing your eyes and relaxing your mind.

According to Jon Kabat-Zinn:

                                                  ‘’in the service of self wisdom and self-understanding – the awareness that grows due to concentrating and paying attention on your present moment.”

 This mindful meditation will detach your anxiety. You can also do it in the form of Yoga. Here are some steps if you are confused about how to do it.

  1. Sit at a place where you can experience silence
  2. Close your eyes if wants to
  3. Focus your mind on an object or a thought
  4. Take a deep breath, do it multiple times to relax your mind
  5. Focus on your present and neglect all the negative vibes.


Both mental and physical exercises can help you with your anxiety disorder. Doing exercise daily for half an hour will greatly help you with diverting your mind. there are many exercises for anxiety release.

Here are some of them for you.

  • Aerobics is considered best for anxiety reduction.
  • A long drive on a bike or car will help you divert your thoughts.
  • Dancing will help you to reduce stress and anxiety, as it improves self-esteem, lessens loneliness, and freshens your mood.
  • Yoga is very helpful in reducing anxiety as it focuses your mind and gives you relief mentally and physically.
  • Breathing is very helpful for reducing anxiety disorder. Put a hand on your heart, inhale deeply and then exhale. repeat this exercise several times daily.
  • Relaxing your muscles can reduce anxiety levels, you can do fists exercise, stretching, and shoulders or legs exercise.
  • Counting is also a way to divert your thoughts and make you feel relaxed.

Socialize yourself

Being socially active is helpful regarding anxiety disorder in many ways.

It makes you more confident and reduces your stress by increasing your hormones. You can become socially active by building healthy relationships, and interacting and talking with people. It will divert your attention from anxiety and stress. Research has said that talking and interacting with people can help you to reduce anxiety.

Proper sleep

Make sure that your sleeping routine is healthy because a disturbed sleep routine can also lead to generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). as, according to research, sleeping less than eight hours can cause anxiety disorder. you can do reading, listen to soft music, or can do meditation before going to bed so, make sure that your mind is relaxed, then Take a proper sleep of 8 hours or more. This is help reduce your anxiety disorder.

Daily activities

Some small daily activities can help you to reduce anxiety. They will engage you and you will feel more and more relaxed day by day. You can adopt these healthy habits on daily basis.

As Liz  Rayner said:

                                 ”start small but go every day.”

Here are some of the habits that you should try.

  1. Eat a healthy diet. include green tea, some supplements recommended by a doctor for health, lemon balm, and omega-3 in your diet.
  • Make writing your habit, write down all the anxious thoughts that will make you feel relaxed.
  • Involve yourself in learning new skills like cooking, dancing, and freelancing.
  • Start counting, rhyming, or singing as that will divert your brain.
  • Self-talking or conversing with someone else will help you express your mindset and make you feel light.
  • Playing games and using social media will divert your thoughts and release your anxiety.
  • Reading can greatly help you with anxiety as it enlightens your mind and diverts your attention by making you lost in words.

Visit a doctor

If you are suffering from severe anxiety disorder and all of the above measurements are not helping you then you must visit a proper doctor specialized in mental health disorders and speak up to them in detail about all your problems because if not, your problem will get worse day by day and can lead to anxiety attacks. The doctor will examine your case and prescribe you a medicine depending on your condition.

How to reduce anxiety instantly

Sometimes, anxiety disorder is the main reason to disturb all your work, so you just want to deal with your anxiety quickly so that you can focus on your life problems properly. Here are some tips and tricks that will reduce your anxiety quickly.

Belly Breathing

Belly Breathing is a powerful tool to reduce anxiety quickly, whenever you feel anxious. Just inhale and exhale slowly and it will calm down and relax your mind making you feel better.

All you need to do is:

  • Relax down your body.
  • Place a hand on your stomach keeping your chest still.
  • Breathe in deeply from your nose for a while
  • Now breathe out through your mouth.

don’t breathe fast or harshly resulting in your lungs filling with air, this will not help you out.

Take a shower

Taking a shower is an instant relief to anxiety disorder, this will help you feel relaxed both mentally and physically. Hot showers are said to be best for relaxing your mind and body. Calm down, and let yourself get absorbed in the hot bath.

A cold shower on the other hand is said to be good for boosting your endorphin as they are feel-good chemicals in your nervous system. So you will instantly get relief from anxiety.

Go for a walk

If you want to get rid of your anxious thoughts then going for a walk will work best for you. It will release endorphins that will make you feel good. Walking or doing light jogging will divert the mind and it will change your environment and attention. You don’t need to go on a walk for hours and hours, just a 10-15 minute walk will do the magic for you.

Do some activity you enjoy

If you feel anxious then you should do some activity that you enjoy doing in daily life. It can be listening to music, writing, dancing, watching a funny movie or video, talking to a friend, gardening, watching TV, etc.

This will make an instant change to your mood and make you feel relaxed.

Sniff lavender oil

According to research, the smell of lavender magically works best to reduce anxiety. as, lavender oil Is good for healthy sleep, and relaxing the nervous system as well. You can sniff lavender oil in various ways to relax your mind.

  •  You can use lavender oil mixed with other oils for massage.
  • You can use capsules containing a lavender aroma.
  • Aromatherapy with lavender oil, just inhaling two-three times will boost your endorphin.

these were all the ways through which you can beat your anxiety disorder quickly and even at home. As, in today’s world, every other person is suffering from an anxiety disorder that leads to the malfunctioning of the nervous system.

If the tips and tricks don’t work for you and your anxiety is getting worse day by day, then you need to see a psychiatrist or any doctor specialized in mental health.

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