Everything in life is temporary -Even when everything you own is lost 1 day.

Everything in life is temporary

When you read that passage, what comes to mind? Everything in life is temporary? Do you have certain expectations of how life should be? Let’s explore these questions over the next few paragraphs. What if I told you all right now that everything in your life at this moment is going to change that everything you see, feel, think and have right now is just temporary and that one day it’ll all vanish.

Everything in life is temporary. So, if things are going well, enjoy it. Because it won’t last forever and if things are going bad don’t worry because it won’t last forever.

There is nothing is permanent except change. – Heraclitus

What if one day everything would be completely different. It feels as if you’re living another life, but the truth is that nothing in your life will last forever. Everything is going to change. It could be great news to some and bad news for others.

But the thing is that’s life and it is inevitable for all of us living here today. So I need you to remember that if you’re going through a rough time just know that it will pass. Just know that horrible feeling will go away soon, that negativity will fade away one day and you will be able to smile in life again.

Nothing is permanent

Stay strong, stay fierce and always stay positive and if you are going through a happy time just know that it will pass too so be happy. Appreciate everything you have and enjoy the moment. While it’s still there while it’s still yours because this too will pass this moment in your life right now will no longer be a moment one day and everything will just be memories. Today will soon be a memory tomorrow will one day be a memory.

So no matter what you’re going through at this moment, bad good, chaotic, calm, busy, relaxed take it in bad or good just take it in. Because you will never get it back, because this moment that you have is more precious than what is behind you in what is ahead. Because this moment is the only thing we have right now. Everything in life is temporary. There is nothing wrong at this moment.

“The time will pass anyway;We might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.”     

 Life is the understanding that the things we own, the things we see and the people we love are all temporary. Now this may seem like a bitter announcement but if you think about it it’s actually a very liberating claim. Because then we no longer have to cling onto things. We can say OK I understand that things in life are temporary.

Everything in life is temporary?

So I don’t have to hold on to it for dear life anymore. I just enjoy it for what it is, recognizing the trap that you’re setting for yourself that you’re constantly living a life. In the Nile, things are fleeting and when you live in that state you’re always setting yourself up for disappointment, because anything you cling on to will eventually disappear one day.

 If you can say I accept that everything in life is fleeting then you can finally be at peace with yourself and with the environment around you life is motion. life is changing and I don’t mean that on the apparent level that everything we see may seem as if it’s there. But in reality at its core it’s giving birth and it’s dying a flame.

So we ask ourselves why? Why is the nature of life changing? How come I can’t have things Forever? Wouldn’t life be amazing if I can get something and it’s mine forever. I earn a million dollars. It’s mine forever. I get a gift that doesn’t disappear. It’s mine, the people I love are in my life forever. How come life isn’t like them and this is a very deep question.

It’s a fundamental question to ask yourself because it’s like we are unconscious when things disappear and we don’t know why and we get upset. If you recognize the basic truth of reality. So, among the many reasons and why life is always in constant motion? Why things disappear is that change is spontaneity.

“Being in the flow means being aware that the river of life is flowing to us at every moment. Being in the flow means accepting whatever comes and putting it to good use, before passing it on. Going with the flow means allowing whatever comes to move on freely, without holding on in any way.” — Anonymous

This is what I wanted to convey to you is that life’s impermanence is what causes us to embrace it. Say the doctor comes to me and tells me to go see your grandfather unfortunately is dying in two weeks. knowing that my grandfather has an expiry date two weeks from today.

Every moment that I spend with him is a moment of full presence. A moment of such quality but I found. The other hand, the doctor came up to me and said you see this is the first case that we’ve seen but your grandfather has superhuman cells and he’s going to live forever.

Every time I visit him of course you know hi, how are you, I love you,  I’m gonna say hi to him but it’s not gonna be as deep as if I knew he had an expiry date and this applies to everything.

 The fact that we know that our loved ones aren’t always going to be here is what encourages us to love them so Much. Everything in life is temporary But we get so lost in the reality of distraction that we forget that our loved ones are going to disappear. When they are, the things that we cherish are going to disappear.  

So we take them for granted and when they eventually disappear we say to ourselves” you know I wish I spent more time with him. I wish  I cherished that gift more or whatever it is.  So if you can make this a mantra where, when things are going good in life. You can tell yourself it’s not always going to be here.

 In this moment is all we got, the past is gone, the future awaits in this temporary moment that we have in our hands is ours. Everything will be gone one day, the people that experience, the feelings don’t regret what you didn’t experience, what you didn’t see, who you didn’t appreciate and what you didn’t feel in the small moments that make up.

What it is we call life, grasp its use and create what you want out of those. If you can remind yourself of that in every situation while doing the actions while doing the motions of what you need to do in life then the quality of your life will enhance and in every area and you’re going to be a way happier person so good luck


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