Ertugrul……It is a great call to Allah..

Story Highlights
  • It is a call to Allah and from Allah!

The Drama Serial

Dirilis: Ertugrul

Ertugrul It is a great call to Allah and from Allah!

It is a magic

It is a spell,

It’s with Allah’s special blessings

This I can surely tell!

The feelings are pure with the lessons true,

How the glory and grandeur gradually grew.

How the Muslims crossed the dazzling storm

How the great Ottoman Empire was born.

Dirilis: Ertugrul

The ideal Muslims, the great Muslims

The pious ones, the righteous ones.

They led their lives with Allah’s orders obeyed.

Any single step towards Allah was never delayed.

They lived their lives with eagle eyes and a lion’s heart,

No greed for themselves, no selfishness or dirt.

They never bowed their heads

They never feared their loved ones dead.

Simplicity and purity is all they poured

Many wounds and scars of time they cured.

The faith was deep within their souls,

Consequently they achieved all their goals.

Never a single Muslim was left alone.

When the great Salman Shah was on throne.

Ibn- Al -Arabi guided Ertugrul and loved,

With his spiritual  powers, Ertugrul got cured.
Dirilis: Ertugrul

It is a magic,

It is a spell,

It’s with Allah’s special blessings,

This I can surely tell!

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