Eco responsible Fashion: 16 Brands you absolutely need to know

Eco responsible fashion is important for today’s world. Here in this article, we talked about 16 brands that are popular in eco-responsible fashion.

Whenever we talk about pollution our brain goes toward factories and big oil companies but with the wast spread of the fashion industry, it is one of the main causes of pollution in the world.

Unreasonable generation of clothes is fatal to the earth and because of waste chemicals and materials garment generation is also harmful to farmers and producers.

But in the past some years, people have understood the danger and introduced many eco-responsible brands to the market. Now in the 2022 fashion industry, many eco-responsible brands are present in the market.

These brands generate the very best organic and sustainable clothes with low effect dyes, organic cotton, and recycled natural material. They aim to reduce the harmful impact on the earth because of the fashion industry.

Eco responsible fashion top 16 brands

  1. People tree
  2. Patagonia
  3. Reformation
  4. Pact
  5. Girlfriend collective
  6. Eileen Fisher
  7. Kotn
  8. Amour Vert
  9. Tentree
  10. Levi’s
  11. Outer known
  12. ABLE
  13. United by blue
  14. Cuyana
  15. Tradlands
  16. Thought Clothing

1. People tree

16 eco-responsible fashion brand

Found in: London UK

Product range: 20$-200$

Size range: 8-16 (the UK sizing)

Best for modest trade clothing and affordable price

Brand Initiatives: Organic cotton, certified as the best trade, cellulose fibers that are regenerated, dyes with low impact

People tree is a UK-based brand that ships globally and gives good salaries and the best working climates for the people who make clothes but their main focus is fair trade and ethics. We kept it in first place in 16 eco-responsible brands.

With fair trade People tree also provides eco-responsible clothes which are organic and dyed with GOTS-approved dyes. Everything you need from lightweight cotton dresses to work wear, yoga wear, and the jumpsuit is available.

2. Patagonia

Found In: California USA

Price range: 40-250 $

Size range: XXS to XXL

Best for satisfactory trade and outdoor clothing

Brand initiatives: Certified for fair trade, Organic cotton, recycled materials, environmental sustainability initiatives, and secondhand shop

One of the early brands to use fair trade and it was also the first brand to use recycled material. Patagonia followed labor ethics and uses organic cotton. It’s the first brand to have a second-hand collection. You can purchase outdoor clothing for children as well as for adults, swimwear, and activewear.

3. Reformation

Found in: California USA

Price range: 90 to 280$

Size range: XS to XXL

Best for sustainable clothes which is on-trend

Brand initiative: regenerative and sustainable, Climate-neutral certified, reasonable working conditions, and good living wages

Reformation is not only sustainable but also provides on-trend clothes. This is an American brand and provides good quality fabric which is created from upcycled material and it also provides good wages with a good working environment for the workers.

They briefly explained their dedication toward eco-responsible products on their website and they aim to become climate positive by 2025. Activewear, outerwear, denim, shoes, and women’s apparel are the main products they create.

4. Pact

Found in: Colorado USA

Size range: XS to XXL

Price range: 20$ to 80$

Best for a decent trade organic cotton

Brand initiatives: Organic cotton from GOTS certified, certified for fair trade, recycled, donation program

Pact always followed the organic guideline and all cotton fabrics are GOTS certified. They also provide good wages and working conditions to their workers, making them trade certified.

The clothes are soft and comfy you can wear them all day long, the brand also offers nightwear or you can have clothes for the whole family including baby, kid, and Men.

5. Girlfriend collective

Found in: Washington USA

Size range: XXS to 6X, up to the USA 32

Price range: 36$ – 258$

Best for activewear

Brand initiative: ethical production, eco-responsible dyes, sustainable and recycled materials, and recyclable packaging

Girlfriend Collective is a brand for activewear and leggings. They offer good quality materials at an affordable price which are also made from recycled plastic bottles. we can recycle these clothes again after using them. This brand makes clothes that are sustainable and also available in 6X sizes.

The collection includes adult apparel, swimwear, maternity, accessories, and activewear.

6. Eileen Fisher

Found in: New York, USA

Size range: XXS TO 3XL

Price range: 150$ to 300$

Best for organic clothing and linen clothing

Brand initiative: Ethical production, B corp certified, All collections are certified, and secondhand products

Eileen Fisher is considered an industry leader in an ethical and eco-responsible fashion. The brand believes in environmental justice that’s why uses ethical and fair trade. their worker wages are good. They are careful to use fibers, dyes, and finishes to be ethical during production, which may lead to garments being a little expensive.

But the brand also buys their old clothes and resells them for a cheaper price. But if the condition of clothes is not good they made art out of them. Items included in this brand are sleepwear, women’s apparel, outerwear, shoes, and accessories.

7. Kotn

Found in: Toronto, Canada

Size range: XXS to XXL

Price range: 100$

Best for Egyptian organic cotton apparel

Brand initiative: Organic cotton BCI certified, B corp certified, fair trades, plastic-free packaging, Certified for OEKO-TEX nontoxic dyes.

The brand used Egyptian cotton to make their products. They provide a fair and safe environment to their workers from farms to production factories. This brand provides a wast variety of women’s and men’s clothing. Pants, tops, jackets, dresses, and more products are available in Kotn.

The quality of products is really good and eco-friendly. You can wear a tee from this brand for up to 30 washes.

8. Amour Vert

Found in: California, USA

Size range: XXS to XL

Price range: 100$

Best for Organic cotton tops and tees

Brand initiative: eco-responsible packaging, second-hand shop, and fair trade

Amour Vert is all about a caring environment and eco-responsible fashion. The brand collects natural fibers and materials, ethical wool and organic cotton then they connect with mills for the production of sustainable clothes.

Their design varies from basic tees to more stylish tops, and many baby-style pieces are available as well. The company plant a tree for every tee people purchase.

9. Tentree

Found in: Vancouver, Canada

Size range: XS to XXL

Price range: 20$ to 298$

Best for Casual, and cozy wears

Brand initiative: Certified climate neutral, B corp certified, and fair trade, ethical production

This brand makes eco-responsible clothes for the whole family with comfortable and sustainable materials. They also committed to planting 10 trees on every purchase to give back to society. Tentree is designed in Canada and manufactured t-shirts, cozy sweat, dresses, cardigans, and jackets.

The company used not only sustainable materials that are good for trees but also used organic and circular materials which help cut down on a large amount of waste and water usage.

10. Levi’s

Found in: California, USA

Size range: 2XS to 4S; Upto US 28

Price range: 70$-150$

Best for teen and children’s denim

Brand initiative: Recycled materials, Secondhand shopping, inclusive size, and sustainable fabrics

Levi’s is present in more than 100 countries and they are called denim’s face. The team is always working towards progress. They try to cut short water wastage where ever possible. The brand worked towards sustainable and eco-responsible clothing.

The clothing included in this brand is outerwear, adult and children’s clothes, accessories, and customization. The best brand to achieve long-lasting denim at an affordable price.

11. OuterKnown

Found in: California, USA

Size range: XS to XL

Price range: 50$ to 250$

Best for Jeans and fair trade

Brand initiative: Fair trade, Certified design, and secondhand shop

Outerknown the brand with durable classics offer clothes which last for seasons. They always consider the well-being of their workers and the planet before and after post-manufacturing. The brand works globally and provides sustainable clothes with fair wages to its workers.

They tried to create eco-responsible fashion which can benefit both the planet and the customer. The brand included outerwear, swimwear, bags, shoes, and accessories.

12. ABLE

Found in: Tennessee, USA

Size range: XS to 3XL

Price range: 30$ to 250$

Best for Women clothing feminist brand

Brand initiatives: female Artisan, Certified B Corp, fair wages and trade, responsible sourcing

ABLE believes to create economic opportunities for people especially women so that it helps to end poverty. They believe to make women independent so they can afford their own expenses. This brand provides beautiful bags, wardrobe staples, and shoes, and all are made by women all over the world.

They made things from durable and naturally occurring materials like organic cotton for clothes and leather for shoes and bags, which made these items timeless but trendy.

13. United By Blue

Found in: Pennsylvania, USA

Size range: XS to XL

Price range: 15$ to 250$

Best for Outdoor clothing, Eco responsible fashion

Brand initiative: Swimwear, shoes, outdoor gear, home goods, and Adult and children’s wear

United By Blue is an outdoor and everyday clothing brand. They are removing one-pound trash from oceans through initiative clean-up for each item they sold. The brand is B crop certified and determined to do what’s good for the earth.

Eco-responsible products without harming the planet are top priority of this brand. They provide swimwear, shoes, home good, and outdoor gear.

14. Cuyana

Found in : California, USA

Size range: XS to XL

Price range: 100$ to 350$

Best for female essentials

Brand initiatives: Sustainable products, Ethically manufactured, Bluesign, give back and repair program available

Cuyana provides with elegant and long lasting clothing for your wardrobe. These pieces are created from highest quality materials with integrity. This materials is collected from Europe, the United States and South America.

You can donate clothes to needy women in exchange of store credits. Sleeowear, loungwear, bags, women’s apparel, home good, and accessories are available on this brand.

15. Tradlands

Found in: California, USA

Size range: XXS to 5X

Price range: 50$ to 300$

Best for women cardigans

Brand initiatives: Manufactured in small batches, eco-responsible and natural materials, inclusive sizing and secondhand shopping

Tradlandsb were created to make high quality clothing that are sustainable and longlasting. Natural materials are used in its productions. They provide fair trade and environment to their workers. The brand uses menswear as inspiration and always produced in small batches.

From chunky cardigans to classic wears overall women’s clothing are the main focus of the brand.

16. Thought Clothing

Found in: London, UK

Size range: XS to XXL

Price range: 10$ to 50$

Best for organic clothing

Brand initiatives: Safe and fair trade, GOTS certified, Organic fabrics, eco-friendly packaging

Thought clothing brand makes beautiful clothes that are not only sustainable but also eco-responsible. They gives a good and fair environment to their labors and also pays fairly to their workers.

Adult clothing, loungwear, and workwear are the main focus of this brand. They also donate seasonly their production for women.


We have listed 16 eco-responsible brands here. They are not only eco-responsible brands but also good in fair trade and giving fair wages to their workers. There are more than 16 brands working on the same cause to save planet from harmful materials.

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