Dopamine: 7 Clear Symptoms of Increased and Reduced Dopamine levels.

How are our emotions controlled? What’s dopamine? How do we sense feelings like happiness, sadness? Where this chemical is produced? And how can we increase its concentration? All these aspects are gonna be discussed in this blog. Stay tuned for a detailed article.  

When it’s released?

Dopamine is released when you’re supposing some compensation or penalty. You feel happy due to this chemical that is released in the brain. The levels of release should be controlled for the wellness of your body and brain.

It promotes the interaction of nerve cells. This brain chemical is produced by a collection of nerve cells in the frontal cortex and communicates with other areas in the brain.

Functions of Dopamine.

Dopamine has a function in regulating a person’s behavior as well as their emotional responses. It’s essential that dopamine levels are maintained. It’s a reliable asset for both mental and physical well-being.

This chemical likewise influences a variety of other physiological activities, such as

  • Emotion.
  • Sleep.
  • Memory.
  • Cognition.
  • Mood.
  • Heart rate.
  • Blood vessels’ performance.
  • Thinking
  • Attention.

A shortage of neuro-chemical may arise from a reduction in body manufacturing or a fault with the brain’s dopamine receptors.

Symptoms of Increased Dopamine.


It’s the condition in which person visualizes the things that aren’t present in actual. He get stuck in the world of imagination. This shows that proper brain functioning is affected due imbalanced concentration of dopamine.


In this type of mental disorder person develops some beliefs that aren’t based on reality. The victim misinterprets and thinks he’s being spied and followed all the time.


Obesity can be a symptom to the raised level of neuro-transmitter in the body and it leads to several other disorders that may be threatening for the life at the end of the day.


This disorder is much more like the hallucination and delusion, in which brain is unable to detect the realities and the person is surrounded by misconceptions and all of them are self-generated by the person.

The person suffers from dual personality in such condition.

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Symptoms of lowered concentration of Brain Chemical.

Lack of proper sleep.

If you’re having proper sleep this chemical is surely in reduced amount. As this chemical is synthesized when you’re sleeping and is in high concentration when you wake up. Due to insomnia or any reason of disturbed sleep, this dopamine is reduced in body.

Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is the unconscious movement of the body parts and the person lose the balance as well. This leads to the trouble in walking and even coordinating the body while standing or doing any movement.


The brain chemical is strongly associated with the mood of a person. So when it’s in very little quantity, the person feels depressed and remains anxious and restless.

How to Increase Dopamine?

Eat Proteins.

The most important component of dopamine is an amino acid named tyrosine. So the sufficient amount of this amino acid is critical for the production of proper amount of this brain chemical.

And tyrosine is synthesized using another amino acid named phenylalanine. So the adequate concentration of both these amino acid is crucial.

Both of these are present in the food rich in proteins. For example egg, meat, beans, dairy, legumes and soy etc.

Intake Probiotics.

The gut of animals is linked with the production of dopamine as well. There’re certain bacteria in the gut that produce sufficient amount of dopamine and controls the mood as well.

When probiotics are taken in fairly considerable amounts, the bacteria are seen to affect the mood of a person taking the probiotics.  

Dine Velvet Beans.

The basic molecule to dopamine, L-dopa, is typically found in large amounts in velvet legumes, also identified as Mucuna pruriens.

Per the studies, ingesting these beans may certainly boost dopamine levels, especially in people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, a mobility illness carried on by low dopamine.

According to a recent review on patients with Pd, taking 250 grams of boiled velvet beans substantially increased brain chemical levels and lessened symptoms of disease for 1-2 hours after the meal.

Proper Workout.

Even 10 minutes of physical activity may improve mood, but the advantages are usually greatest after at least 20 minutes.

Animal research shows that exercising could boost levels of dopamine, since these effects are probably not completely linked to changes in dopamine levels.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

People who have Parkinson’s disease, a disorder in which low levels of neurotransmitter limit the individuals’ ability to regulate body movements, could also benefit from frequent moderate activity.

A yoga of an hour regularly ensures increased and stabilized amount of chemical in the body.

Sufficient Sleep.

It is a neuro-transmitter that promotes feelings of attention and consciousness when it is secreted.

According to research upon animals, levels of the brain chemical decline over time in the evening when it’s bedtime and thus are organically released in vast numbers in the morning when it becomes time to get up. And it seems that lack of sleep breaks off all these biological rhythms.

The quantity of dopamine in people’s brains the morning after being forced to stay up all night is significantly lowered.

Lowering the sensitivity of the receptors will make this easier to sleep, especially after a night of restlessness, as it promotes waking up.

But having less levels of this chemical has other unwanted effects, like reduced focus and poor synchronization.

Other things that may help out to augment the level of dopamine in body may include vitamin D3, psychobiotics etc. you may consult the expert if there’s drastic increased or decreased amount of dopamine.

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