Coachella 2022: 5 Event Design Trends by Festival Organizers

The return of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Fest has brought with it a long-awaited inspiration for event planners and designers. From dramatic neon lighting to unique shapes and patterns, we’ve rounded up some of the highlights from the festival.

1. Neon lighting

"Coachella 2022: 5 Event Design Trends by Festival Organizers"
Coachella 2022: 5 Event Design Trends by Festival Organizers

Neon has become a real trend at the festival this year. To activate, DIRECTV immersed guests in an atmospheric techno-jungle space filled with futuristic lighting and neon signs.

The trend also showed up with activation from Ray-Ban as part of the launch of the brand’s new limited-edition smartglasses collection, created in collaboration with Meta. The Coachella Sensorium Experience, designed by VTProDesign, immersed guests in a multi-sensory experience complemented by a neon stage with soft cubes for stage diving.

The Ray-Ban activation also included an infinity room where guests wandered around a futuristic desert field of cacti that emitted bright light.

The Honda Chill Hall at 88rising’s Cloud Mansion gave guests a first look at the 2023 Honda HR-V, which was integrated into a neon light show set to a mix of dance and relaxing music.

NYLON House debuted at Coachella on its opening weekend, filling the Buena Vista estate with neon tunnels and dance party signs. The event was designed and produced by the Event Eleven agency.

2. Interesting shapes and patterns

Another popular Coachella trend this year, NYLON House decor also reflects the interesting use of geometric shapes and patterns. The DJ zone was remembered by the guests for its intricate lighting and galactic projections.

Another activation with dramatic geometric shapes was the American Express Lounge, which featured soothing curved lines. The design by Momentum Worldwide created a sense of tranquility within the busy festival grounds.

Named after the series Flight Attendant, The Flight Attendant Preflight Lounge by HBO Max featured a curved ceiling and oval porthole windows.

Adjacent to HP’s futuristic Antarctic Dome (a 360-degree audio-visual experience housed inside a geodesic projection dome) was a quiet seating area where the designers used natural furniture and décor and created a play of light and shadow.

3. Attractive floral decor

In addition to the trendy round shapes, the Spotify Desert Kickback event put in another design gimmick that Coachella is known for – gorgeous floral accents. The brand used sand combined with a light wood texture, as well as blue and white flowers, to bring a summery beach vibe to their event.

"Coachella 2022: 5 Event Design Trends by Festival Organizers"
Coachella 2022: 5 Event Design Trends by Festival Organizers

Rachel Zoe at the 6th ZOEasis event unveiled a lush floral photoshoot tunnel created by the Floral Crush team.

The ZOEsis space also housed a flower photo booth for sponsor Outshine.

At Neon Carnival, sponsor Tequila Don Julio caught the attention of attendees with their logo surrounded by succulents from the NVE Experience Agency.

Many of the activations were inspired by the surrounding landscape, including cacti and other desert motifs, such as this display from the HBO Max zone.

4. Insta-friendly locations

Bloggers won’t go to Coachella if there aren’t enough enticing areas to tag on social media. Therefore, brands make a lot of photo-friendly backgrounds and locations. The YouTube Artist Lounge had this hanging swing against a wall strewn with flowers and greenery.

At Kim Crawford’s Camp Kim Wine Lounge, guests could take pictures in front of a sign that reads You Are Amazing.

5. Color explosion

Smirnoff used his bold branding in Neon Lemonades Seltzer to create an unmissable activation at Neon Carnival.

"Coachella 2022: 5 Event Design Trends by Festival Organizers"
Coachella 2022: 5 Event Design Trends by Festival Organizers

In addition to the exciting metaverse, Absolut organized a personal activation at the festival grounds. Guests entered the space through a tunnel made from the colorful Absolut logo.

The YouTube Artist Lounge featured a fun YouTube-inspired lounge area with bright and colorful pillows and desert-inspired wall decor.

SHEIN’s Zeuphoria event combined color with a series of eclectic floral sculptures.

Another non-standard and attention-grabbing accent in the Zeuphoria activation is an installation with bright pink giraffes and the SHEIN logo against the backdrop of a stunning mountain landscape.

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