Cancer Vanishes In Every Single Patient shows In Experimental Drug Trial

Cancer vanishes in a small clinical trial. First time in history a experimental trial in every single cancer patient found their cancer tumors disappear. It seems like a miracle happened for cancer patients to have this drug. A drug named Dostarlimab being tested for colorectal cancer. After some clinical trials Doctors witnessed hundred percent success rate by using Dostarlimab Drug.

According to New York Times Hospital name New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center saids that this was the first time in the history we get hundred percent result to overcome this deadly disease.

Doctor Luis A Diaz Jr. with his team of researchers published a paper of their findings about Cancer drugs in England Journal of Medicine, describing their phenomenal achievements and results. The Findings of Dr Diaz are now making new waves in the medical world. Another Dr Venook a Colorectal Cancer Specialist hail the research as the ” World First” means its the worlds first successful study of cancer”.

Lab Testing Of Cancer Drug

This is a new drug tested for Colorectal Cancer and it returned as hundred percent success rate in clinical trials, no scans no sutgery and no more chemotherapy is done and this is the best news for every cancer patients in the world.

According to paper published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study confirmed that none of the patients have required chemotherapies or surgeries and there is no serious side effects of this cancer drug. There is no certainty that trial of this drug on eighteen cancer patients won’t reoccur, but these trials are un believable and it give hope over Seven Million people with Colorectal Cancer Worldwide.

Lab testing of Dostarlimab
Lab testing of Dostarlimab

Doctors give Dostarlimab to each patient for six months and it resulted that each of their tumors are disappearing. There were only eighteen cancer patients in the trial group and more remain to be learned about how the treatment works. These eighteen patients in the United States are cured of Colorectal Cancer without any surgery or chemotherapy. They just experienced something of a scientific miracle happened first time in the history.

Dostarlimab is a drug with lab produce molecules function as substitute antibodies in human body. It is an astonishing drug which cures cancer in all treated patients. A surprising and reliving result have brought hope in the lives of many people.

World Health Organization (WHO) Report

As reported by the WHO Ten Million people died in 2020 having Cancer. Cancer is leading cause of death worldwide. According to WHO one third of deaths occurred from cancer. Cancer is generic term for a large group of disease that can affect any part of the body. There are 1.93 Million cases of Colon and Rectum Cancer. Cancer arises from the transformation of normal and heathy cells into tumor cells. Between 30 percent and 50 percent of cancers can currently prevented by avoiding risk factors.

World Health Organization(WHO)

Patients Remarks After Using Dostarlimab Drug

A Patient name Sascha Roth said that she was traveling to Manhattan for radiation therapy for weeks when the result came in Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. They said that she was now cancer free. and it was a very great news for me . Roth told to the New York Times that when I told my family that I am cancer free now they didn’t believe me.

There is also an indian pateint among the eighteen patients. She also said that after taking this drug slowly She get her health improve day by day and after six months She get the news that She is now Cancer free.It is very unbliveable news for her and her family.

Price And Company Name Of Dostarlimab

By using this drug remarkable results would be seen in eighteen patients to date . All of the patient have Colorectal Cancer of advanced stage. They were given six month of treatment. This drug was made by the pharmaceutical company name GlaxoSmithKline, which also helps for the funding in the research. The Drug costs about $11,000 per dose. Each patient have this in every three weeks of six months. After six months some of follow-ups patient continued to show signs of cancer free.

Dostarlimab Cancer Drug by GSK


Now different Researchers agree that trial need to be replicated in much bigger study. They say that trial is expected to include about thirty patients which will give a fuller picture of how save and effective Dostarlimab Drug is in the Patients.

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