Things You Should Know About BTS – World’s Biggest Boy Band

BTS Bangtan Sonyeondan (Bullet Proof Boy Scout) is a 7 member K-POP band. It was debuted in 2013 by Big Hit Entertainment now changed as HYBE label

The members of the band are:

Kim Nam Joon

Kim Nam Joon is the leader of the band. His stage name is RM (Rap Monster). He was born on 12 sep 1994. His korean age is 28. He is main rapper, song writer and record producer.

Kim Soek Jin

His stage name is Jin. he was born on 4 dec 1992. His korean age is 30. He is the oldest among them. He is vocalist, main visual and song writer.

Min Yoongi

His stage name is Suga. He was born on 9 march 1993. His korean age is 29. He is rapper, song writer and record producer.

Jung Hoseok

BTS k-pop band

His stage name is J-Hope. He was born on 18 feb 1994. His korean age is 28. He is rapper, song writer, record producer and main dancer.

park Jimin

His stage name is jimin. He was born on 13 oct 1995. His korean age is 27. He is vocalist, lead dancer and song writer.

Kim Taeyhung

His stage name is V (Victory). He was born on 30 dec 1995. His korean age is 27. He is actor, vocalist and song writer. Kim Taeyhung won the tittle of “World’s Most Handsome Man”. He is the only member who appeared in K-drama (Hwarang).

Jeon Jungkook

His stage name is Jungkook. He was born on 1st sep 1997. His korean age is 25. He is youngest among them. He is main vocalist and song writer. He won the tittle of “Sexiest Man Alive”

Run-through The History of BTS


BTS debuted in 2013, at that time Big Hit Entertainment was a small company. Their first concert was held in oct 13, 2014, they distributed tickets in america by themselves for free and begged people to attend their concert. Only 300 to 400 people joined that concert, but their hard work made them “World’s Biggest Boy Band”.

They have released 14 albums in just 6 years and won many awards. BTS is able to capture the heart of their ARMY (fans) by creating music that is catchy, enjoyable and delievered a message of self love, and motivate people to speak for their self and never give up.

They released Dynamite song on aug 21, 2020. It was their first song fully recorded in english. This song broke records on Global Billboard Charts, with having 100M views within 24 hours on youtube and the band also got their first nomination for grammy’s awards.

They also ran a campaign to love yourself partnering with UNICEF to avaiod violence against children and teens. While addressing at UN assembly they said, no matter who you are, where you came from, your gender, skin color, identity just speak for yourself and their fans (ARMY) was a major support in this campaign.

I Purple You

i purple is a phrase used by kim taeyhung. It means i will trust and love you for a long time. So this phrase represents the love between BTS and their ARMY

What is ARMY

ARMY is the BTS fandom name established on july 2013, after the release of 2 cool 4 skool. ARMY stands for “Adorable Representative M.C. For Youth”. It also has another meaning ARMY is military and BTS is armor and how these two things are always together. So the fandom name means how the fans and band will always be together.


the logo of BTS represents two trapezoids symbolise doors which means ARMY meets BTS at the doors. The symbol is actually divided into two parts. Door half open inside of BTS and door half open outside for the ARMY, both of them joined together to form the symbol, also represents bulletproof shield. According their official twitter account the logo means us and ARMY becoming one together.

some of the famous song of BTS are:

  • Dynamite
  • Butter
  • Fake love
  • Boy with luv
  • Blood, sweat and tears
  • permission to dance

So, which is your favourite song of BTS?

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