Blazer Dress With Hijab: 9 Best Ways To Make Your Outfit Unique

Blazer dress always has a unique and chic appearance to them. Wants to add a blazer to your outfit but don’t know how to style it? Don’t worry we have you covered with this article.

Nowadays everything is connected to fashion from daily outfits to casual and formal wear, still hijab holds significant value for Muslim women. 

As the hijab is an identity symbol for women in Islam, it doesn’t stop them from embracing various fashion styles that are trending and are famous among women of other religions.

                       Women can make their hijab look trendy and pull modest looks with any type of outfit, from eastern to western and from pants to dresses, from saree to lehengas and short and long shalwar kameez to abayas. 

                       Although women can rock any outfit with a hijab. In this article, we will discuss how to style your blazer with a hijab. Blazers are easy-to-wear outfits and a very graceful closet basic.

Apart from basic blazers like black and blue, there are a variety of blazers available in the market in different colors and with feminine touch also. It is perfect for any season according to its fabric and type.

But mostly you don’t know how to style it with your outfits and give yourself a chick look. Here we are gonna talk about all the bright and vibrant color blazers and how you can style them with your outfits. You can also see the images to get the better idea.

Monochrome Blazer Dress With Hijab

If you want to give yourself a vibrant and bright look that will make you look fresh go for a monochrome outfit with a matching blazer and you can use matching accessories to look more vibrant. But if you think that’s too much go for a neutral color hijab and bag to complete your look.

For a more decent look chose light colors like pastel colors. And for a vibrant brighter look go for bright colors like yellow, orange, and red.

Blazer dress

Monochrome Outfit With A Vibrant Blazer

Well, when you can’t decide on your outfit go for a neutral color or all white or black outfit and complete your look with a Vibrant color blazer that complements your look. You can wear a hijab matching your shirt or blazer depending on you. You can also add accessories to complete the look.

The colorful blazers that people don’t want to buy because they’re hesitant to use can perfectly pair with monochrome outfits for a trendy look.

Colorful Blazer Dress With jeans

The easy way to style your blazer is with jeans. You can use a colorful blazer to make yourself more lively and pair it with jeans. It will give you a classy look. Hijab can be used in light or bright colors.

                     It’s a perfect casual look and easy to carry. One can wear this outfit in daily routine and still look fashionable.

Printed Hijab With Plain Blazer Dress

The blazer outfit looks entirely fashionable and modest. It gives you the boss lady look and you can rock your plain outfits with a printed hijab. There are different types of print available in the market. You can choose the hijab color and print according to your outfit. 

Hijabs that belong to a darker color family with print can be used with the light color blazers or with bright colors.

Turban With Blazer Dress

Some of the boss ladies love to wear turban-style hijab and when you combine your turban with a blazer it gives you not only a badass boss lady look but also a classy look. 

You can buy a turban online or can make one by yourself after watching a tutorial online. 

                              Turbans can be plain and in vibrant color or printed and flowery stuff. Use a turban according to your outfit. Mix and match the color of your outfit and blazer.

Checked Blazer Dress With Plain Hijab

The checked blazer is always in fashion, pair it with jeans or with plain pants of the same color as the blazer, or go with a full checked outfit. But make sure to use a plain hijab with this outfit.

       Add accessories to complete the look. When adding accessories you can add a belt to make it more classy. A pair of heels can give this look a more modern look.

Printed Blazer Dress With Plain Hijab

Some people like prints on blazers which also look unique and fashionable. Prints can be of many types from zebra printing to floral print. Pair a printed blazer dress with a plain outfit including a hijab. You can use a black or neutral color outfit with your printed blazer and for hijab use a color matching the shirt. 

With prints always use a plain hijab otherwise it will look too much for an appearance. Heels can make a statement difference in an outfit but canvas can be used for modesty and comforts.


Printed Pants With Colorful Blazer 

If you’re a fan of prints but most of the time don’t want to buy them because you don’t know how to style them then don’t worry we have you covered. You can wear printed pants with bright or light color blazers. And pair this outfit with neutral color hijabs. 

              Many fashion influencers prefer to pair this look with heels and bags. It’s an ideal look for any event whether it’s at night or daytime.  

Hijab With Printed Or Plain Skirt Blazer Outfits

Skirts are always part of stylish outfits and when paired with blazers it gives a remarkable look. Skirts look beautiful whether they are printed or plain. If the skirt is printed, pair it with a plain blazer and if it’s plain it can be worn with both printed or plain blazers.

                      Make sure to always mix and match the outfit properly. Hijab can be used according to your outfit with a neutral color or bright color, and even with a print on it.  


To get a chic look with blazers and hijab is not that difficult you just need to know how to work color combinations together. Everything looks good with the right type of pairing. Pair printed or plain blazers with plain or printed pants, you can even use skirts, wide pants, and jeans with bright or light colors of blazers. 

                             Make sure to use the right type and right color accessories to complete your look. Hijabs can be used in various colors and styles, printed or non-printed, but neutral colors can be used with everything and they also look gorgeous. 

Working ladies prefer to use hijab while going to their job. It gives them not only a modest or chic look but also a boss lady look while it’s worn with the blazer dress.

So don’t forget to add a blazer dress to your wardrobe for a trendy and modest appearance.

             Hope you will find this article helpful to go all chic with your dapper looks. Feedback will be appreciated.

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