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Arshad Sharif Senior Journalist Was Shot Dead On 23rd October In Kenya.

Early life.

Pakistani journalist, columnist, and News anchor called Arshad Sharif was raised and educated in Karachi, Pakistan. Muhammad Sharif, a Commander in the Pakistan Navy, was Arshad Sharif’s father. When he was a student, he commenced his freelance career as a journalist in 1993. At Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, he graduated with a Master of Science in Public Administration.


Commander Muhammad Sharif, the father of Arshad Sharif, died after suffering a heart attack in May 2011 at the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology. On his approach to his father’s funeral in May 2011, his younger brother, Major Ashraf Sharif, was assassinated when his car drove off the road. Major Ashraf Sharif stepped down from Bannu Cantonment after knowing of his father’s death and ignored a chauffeur or security. Just a few kilometers away, his car left the road and rammed into a tree, potentially killing him. At the H-11 Burial, Commander Muhammad Sharif and Major Ashraf Sharif got buried with full military honors. He was the father of 5 school-going kids and the only male guardian.


As “Chief News,” Sharif was also the head of AAJ News and Dunya TV. Arshad Sharif functioned as the program director for AAJ News. He was the director of news and host of the program Kyun at Dunya TV before joining Aaj. He was the Dawn News’ Bureau Chief in 2011.

8 Years with ARY News.

“Power play” on ARY News was conducted by Arshad Sharif. Without mentioning a rational reason, the ARY Channel declared on Wednesday that the network had “decided to part ways” with journalist Arshad Sharif, emphasizing that it intended all of its employees to follow the brand’s social media regulations.

The network made the disclosure in a tweet that’s been published on its social media accounts. However, the corporation didn’t make a mention of the Twitter post that led to Sharif’s discharge.

In correlation with a controversial interview with PTI leader Dr. Shahbaz Gill that telecasted on the channel on August 8, the security forces had a month earlier accused Sharif, ARY Digital Network President and CEO Salman Iqbal, Head of Information and Current Affairs Ammad Yousaf, anchor Khawar Ghumman, and a production company with inciting violence.

The Interior Ministry terminated the channel’s no-objection permit the next day, claiming “unfriendly reports from institutions” as the explanation for the operation. Sharif had since quit the country and its people.


He was an analyst in unbiased reporting and reported competing political events in the state for regional, nationwide, and even multinational media sources, including those from the UK. For his great work in this field, he was awarded the Aaghi award in 2012. He acquired the Pride of Performance honor from President Alvi on March 23, 2019, in acknowledgment of his work in journalism.


Sharif, a vocal opponent of the country’s leadership and the current regime, departed Pakistan previously this year following sedition prosecutions were initiated against him in multiple spots.

He recently died on October 23, 2022. Asim Iftikhar, a director for the Foreign Ministry, confirmed that the Pakistan High Commission in Kenya was trying to get information from the administration.

The reporter’s demise and the conditions surrounding it haven’t yet been formally announced by law enforcement agencies in either county. Initially announcing that Sharif was gunned down, some Pakistani news companies later admitted he died unexpectedly in an accident. Later, Sharif’s wife tweeted that the activist had been assassinated by shots fired in Kenya

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