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‘Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain’ has died in Karachi on 9th June

Amir Liaquat Early life

Amir Liaquat was born on 5 July 1971 in Karachi. His father name was sheik Liaquat Hussain and mother name was Gosia Mehmood sultana.

Amir Liaquat was a Pakistani TV host, strict researcher, and government official. He was the MNA of PTI Pakistan tehreek insaf. He filled in as the Minister for Religious Affairs in the bureau of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from 2013 to 2018. He is likewise referred to for his work as a TV host on Apes Ki Bat. He was a highest level television anchor of Pakistan. He was among 100 famous characters of Pakistan.


 In a meeting, He said that he accepted his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree from Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro in 1995. He has likewise said that he acquired a level of Master of Arts in Islamic Studies in 2002 from the Trinity College and University.

In 2006, the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan proclaimed the BA degree in Islamic Studies of Amir Liaquat acquired from Trinity College and University is phony.

Fake Degrees

The University of Karachi announced his BA degree as phony prior in 2005. Amir Liaquat proclaimed his BA degree to the political race commission of Pakistan while recording his designation structures for the 2002 Pakistani general elections. It was accounted for that he had bought his certifications from Trinity College and University to become qualified for challenging the decisions.

For Elections

In 2002, it was made necessary for hopefuls of races for seats in the Provincial and National Assemblies of Pakistan to hold basically a four year certification. Amir Liaquat professed to have gotten a MBBS degree from Liaquat Medical College Jamshoro in 1995.

2 Degrees in same year

Which is distorted in view of the way that assuming he had one, he wouldn’t require any phony lone rangers, experts or doctorate certifications to challenge the 2002 general races. It was additionally noticed that one can’t learn at two unique resources simultaneously since Hussain professed to have the two his MBBS degree in 1995 and BA in Islamic Studies from Trinity College in 1995.


In 2012, it was accounted for that Hussain showed up as a contender for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Karachi from where he graduated in 2008. He was subsequently signed up for Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology in 2010 from where he accepted his graduate degree in Islamic Studies, yet as per authorities there, Amir Liaquat never went to a class. The authorities said that the confirmation type of Hussain was at first submitted with the photo of someone else and was subsequently supplanted with the photo of Amir Liaquat.


Amir was chosen as the Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan without precedent for the 2002 Pakistani general political decision. In September 2004, He was selected as Minister of State for Religious Affairs in the Shaukat Aziz. As the lesser clergyman of Religious Affairs.

In June 2005, he was gone after by irritated young people during his visit to Jamia Binoria. Police anyway rejected that any episode of mauling of Amir had occurred and said that the group just recited trademarks. Amir was the priest of state for Religious Affairs until July 2007, when his party requested that he leave his position as Minister, and from his seat as an individual from the National Assembly.


As indicated by an authority proclamation, the party was discontent with explanations made by Amir against Salman Rushdie. In 2007, he left governmental issues. Later in 2008, MQM likewise removed him from the party.

Mehmood Sultana Foundation

 From 2013 to 2015, He was the pioneer behind the Mehmooda Sultana Foundation. In August 2016, after the assault on media houses by MQM laborers and the capture of MQM pioneers, Amir was likewise arrested by Sindh Rangers.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)

Amir joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in March 2018.

He was reappointed to the National Assembly as a PTI competitor in the 2018 Pakistani general political decision. On 4 October 2021, he left his National Assembly of Pakistan’s seat and left Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Television Profession

Amir was a radio telecaster on FM101. For a long time He is likewise known for facilitating Ramadan transmissions. He began his TV vocation at Pakistan Television Corporation yet was terminated presently.  He joined Geo TV as an establishing part in 2001 where he facilitated a strict program Aalim Online. In 2010, Hussain left Geo TV and joined ARY Digital Network as overseeing head of ARY Qtv and as chief overseer of ARY Digital.

After Rejoining Geo TV

He then facilitated Pehchan Ramzan in 2012 in the wake of rejoining Geo TV and Amaan Ramazan in 2013. In January 2014, he turned into the VP of Geo TV, and facilitated game show Inaam Ghar.

In June 2014, he joined Express Media Group as president and Group Editor of strict substance on Daily Express and facilitated Pakistan Ramazan.

 Hussain then rejoined Geo TV and facilitated Subh-e-Pakistan from November 2014. He became leader of Geo Entertainment in November 2015.

BOL Media

He then joined BOL media bunch in 2016, and began facilitating current issues television show. There, he facilitated Ramazan Mein BOL in 2017. During which he likewise began facilitating a game show Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga.  He left BOL in November 2017. In 2019, he joined Pakistan Television Corporation.

In April 2020, he began facilitating a game show called “Jeeway Pakistan” which airs on Express TV.


In 2008, Amir in his TV extraordinary, Khatame Nabuwat, condemned the Ahmadi Community organizer, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The visitor researchers in the show proclaimed that anybody related with the Ahmadi bunch has the right to get killed by virtue of sacrilege.

In no less than two days, two conspicuous individuals from the Ahmadi people group were killed, one of them being a doctor and another being a local area pioneer.

Pakistani Cricket Team

In 2010, Hussain in his TV show asserted that the new misfortunes in cricket matches of the Pakistani Cricket crew were because of their new shoe soles being green. With green being the shade of Pakistani banner and the green soles were as far as anyone knows discourteous towards Islam. Obviously the group was by and large supernaturally rebuffed. He guaranteed that this involved confidence. He was thus reprimanded for his perspectives in the media.

Zakir Naik

On 26 May 2018, PEMRA again prohibited Hussain subsequent to making contention connected with strict associations Jamaat Ahle Hadith and Zakir Naik.

Indian Actress

In May 2020, Hussain apologized for his remarks on the deaths of Indian entertainers Sridevi and Irfan Khan.

Snake dance

Yet again in May 2021, Hussain was a subject of discussion over his presentation of “Nagin Dance” during his night unique Ramzan transmission.

Personal Life

Amir Liaquat with 2nd wife tuba

Amir has hitched threefold. He has two kids with his most memorable spouse, Syeda Bushra Amir.
In June 2018, he affirmed his second marriage with Syeda Tuba Anwar.

This marriage went on for something like three years. In February 2022 Amir sealed the deal with 18 years of age Syeda Dania Shah. In May 2022, his third spouse Syeda Dania Shah petitioned for legal separation, following three months of marriage with Mr. Hussain.

The News International revealed that Hussain used to truly manhandle Dania and compel her to make pornography recordings with his companions.


He was taken to a confidential emergency clinic where he was articulated dead upon appearance. As indicated by District East SSP Sardar Abdul Raheem Shirazi, Liaquat’s driver called a salvage group (Chhipa) and informed them that he was inert.
“A salvage group took him to Aga Khan University Hospital where specialists verbally articulated him dead,” the SSP said.

Raheem kept up with that “no sign of viciousness” was seen on the body, adding that police will move him for posthumous to learn the reason for his passing. “A group of Crime Scene Unit arrived at Aamir’s home to accumulate proof,” he said.

The police have found liquor and cocaine in his home.

Reason behind Amir Liaquat Death

Last night, Amir felt a pain in his chest, which led to his death. He, on the other hand, refused to go to the hospital. The next morning, Amir’s servant knocked on the door, but no one answered. He experienced a heart attack, according to doctors. We have no way of knowing for sure.


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