8 Useful Tips to Help Your Child Develop Reading Habit.

Reading is the most challenging part a child is facing nowadays. In the era of Gadgets, it’s tough for mothers as well to engage their kids with Books so they can read by themselves. When I was a mom of a toddler I always got so concerned that how can I help my kid develop the habit of reading Books? As what I know is that Books are your Best Friends and I want my kid to be the Best version of himself with the help of True Friends.

And then I discern that I have to kick start the journey to develop a habit to read and help my child in his early so he can read and pronounce the word correctly.

When it comes to reading, children need encouragement and support to develop a habit to read and I am going to tell you my analysis and experiences in eight different ways by which you can help and enhance your child’s reading habits. 

Help Them With Their Phonics.

Phonics plays an essential role for your child to read if their phonics are fetching, they can easily start their reading by themselves. Help them to learn their phonics, start with three-letter words and ask them simultaneously it will help them in remembering those sounds. 

Start With Tricky Words.

The child’s brains develop up to 90 percent by the age of 5 So, try to introduce some tricky words which are often used in different books or commonly used by us throughout the day this will enhance their plucking power.  

Help them Remembering Those Words.

If the child does not pronounce the word correctly say it, again and again, try using flashcards, while doing your house chores directly or indirectly try to say those tricky words so that will be easily stuck in the child’s mind and they eventually learn those words. 

Read, Read, And Read.

Reading aloud can make an immense change in your child. Remember a child learns through our actions. If we read aloud for them, they will generously show their concern to read by themselves. One of the best ways to help a child develop this habit is to get them involved in books as soon as possible. Reading aloud to your child and encouraging them to read for fun are both great ways to get them to read more. It helps your child develop their vocabulary and understand complex text. When the child is excited about something, they will eventually learn those things easily. 

Plan A Trip to a Library.

A trip to the library is a great way to involve them in the world of Books, It is a great way to develop their interest to read, and when they see the other kids are doing the same it will encourage them more. Ask them to grab their favorite books, tell them about the author and try to make this trip full of fun and memorable so they wanted to come over and over again.

Let Them Decide What To Read.

Kids take great interest when we let them decide what they want to do, the same goes with it. When we ask them to make a choice and select those books which attract them the most from the library, It eventually develops an interest in them to read that book.

Re-Read Their Favourite Books.

Have you ever noticed that when we ask our kids to read a book, they always want us to read their favorite books every time? Sometimes we get bored and want to read something else, But they forced us to Re-read it again and again. But trust me the love for their favorite books eventually leads them to read those books by themselves.

Bedtime Stories.

Trust me this is the best way to help your child to start to read and by following this the child develops the habit of reading fast, At First, try to read the book for them to develop their interest by telling them in some dramatic way. When you see their interest is starting to enlarge ask them to read it for you. 

By following these steps, I genuinely start seeing a change in my toddler. And I hope this will work for you as well.  

Final Thoughts.

Reading is important for kids for a few reasons. First, it helps them learn to read. Reading helps kids learn to decode words and understand what they are reading. It also helps kids learn to think critically and solve problems. Second, reading helps kids develop a love for books. Reading helps kids learn to explore and find out information about the world around them. Finally, reading helps kids learn how to take care of their intellectual property. Reading helps kids learn to protect their ideas and to share their ideas with others.

  • Make reading a fun activity. When your child enjoys reading, it is more likely they will continue reading. Find books that your child will enjoy, and read them together.
  • Set goals. Have your child set specific reading goals, such as reading for 30 minutes every day.
  • Reward your child. When your child completes a reading goal, reward them, such as a gift certificate to a favorite store.
  • Encourage your child to read aloud. When your child reads aloud, they will develop better comprehension skills.

By, following the steps mentioned above you can start seeing positive results in your kid. I hope this will help you and your kid to start reading by themselves today!

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