8 Countries That Have Changed Their Names

Countries that have changed their names. Here’s a look at why these countries have famously change their name. In 2019 Republic of Macedonia officially became the republic of North Macedonia. Next time you see an the list of the world nations you may notice that Turkey is changed its name as Turkiye. In Africa a Kingdom name Swaziland changed its name to Eswatini in 2018. Though the Czech Republic changed its name as Czechia in 2016. The West African Island known as Cabo Verde changed its name as Cabe Verde. In 2011 country name Ancient Ceylon changed its name to Sri Lanka. In 1989 country name Burma which is a conflicted zone know change its name to Myanmar. In January 2020 Holland changed its name to Netherland.

Macedonia To North Macedonia

Happened in February 2019. Primarily to become part of NATO, and to distinguish its self from a region of same name in the neighbor of Greece. North Macedonia country have population 2.083 Million after taking its independence in 1991.Macedonia underwent a economic change and has slowly and gradually improve its economy and accounts of its trade of the country which is about 90 percent of its GDP.

The major religion of Macedonia is Christianity but also there are some other religious communities have mutual respect and tolerance between the people. Macedonia is the second most mountainous country in the world. It is also famous for its thousand churches.

Ohrid is a small town in the southwest of Macedonia which is famous for its 365 churches. Ohrid lake in the country is one of the oldest lake in the world. Macedonia capital city is the birth place of Mother Teresa.

One and only Europe’s Ruby mine is located in Macedonia. Macedonia has two flags. According to IMF it is one of the developing countries in Europe.


Turkey To Turkiye

Last December Turkish President decided to change the name of the nation of country from Turkey to Turkiye for the better express of its culture and its values.

The population of Turkey is 84.34 Million. Although overall population is low instead of EU countries such as Germany, Britain and Italy. Turkey’s old name was Asia minor called by the Romans. It is the Land of modern Asian part. It lies across the Aegean sea and it is usually known as Anatolia. Instanbul is one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world. Turkey is famous for Hot air balloons in Cappadocia. Turkey have many beautiful mosques of the world included Hagia Sophia. It is famous for its vibrant culture food and beautiful history.

Turkey is located between Europe and Asia and its land is very important throughout the world history. A city name Troy was located in Turkish coastline is famous in Greece literature thousand of years ago. The first ever Christian church is located in the city name Antioch in Turkey.

Santa Claus is also born in Turkey. First name of the country was Republic of Turkey. Islam is the Largest Religion in Turkey. More than 99 percent of the population are the Muslims. Judaism and Christianity are other religions in practice. Turkey has very diverse culture.


Swaziland To Eswatini

A small South African Country officially changed its name in 2018 from Swaziland To Eswatini. Country became independent in 1968 and A word Swazis mean in local language is land. Eswatini is the country located in South Africa with the population of 1.16 Million. Currencies are South African Rand, Swazi Lilangeni. Eswatini is a lower middle income country.

Eswatini is famous for the Hlane Royal National Park a place in Africa to see most Rhinos. Mkhay Game reserve are one of the best place to see African wild life for different animals. Eswatini is mostly safe to visit. Language is spoken in the country are Swati and English. The religion of 98 percent populations is Christianity and the other 2 percent are Muslims. Swaziland is the 85th most peaceful country in the world.

Czech Republic To Czechia

After 23 Years Czech Slovakia was became Czech Republic in April 2016. Czechia became the official short name of the country. The country has population of 10.56 million. Prague is the largest city and the capital of Czechia. There are 2000 castles in Czechia which is more than any other country in Europe. Czechia is the seventh safest and peaceful country to live in the world.

Czechia has the largest Ancient castle in the world. All the castles are famous because of their vast number and diversity. Prague castle is most prominent and largest castle in the world. Czech people are famously known for beer consumption and are the biggest beer consumers. They drink almost 2 billion liters in year and making the top twenty record in the world.

Czechia is one of the least religious countries in the world. Mostly Roman Christians live in the country. More than 8 Million visitors visits Prague every year. The largest club of Europe is located in Prague. The color of the flag was White over Red. The most popular food of Czechia among the citizen is Roast Pork with dumplings and cabbage.

Czech Slovakia was became Czech Republic in April 2016.

Cabo Verde to Cape Verde

The meaning of Cabo means green cape and the official language of this country is Portuguese. Population of the Cape Verde 555,988. Cape Verde classed as a poor country. Although it is consider as wealthiest African countries. Cape Verde is an Island country in an Atlantic ocean. It has a very warm climate and famous for fantastic beaches in the country.

Population of Cape Verdeans live on the main Island names SanTiago. English is widely spoken in Cape Verde. They are the mixed of African and Portuguese Population.

The religion of the country is roman catholic and is about 77 percent of the population are practicing it and 2 percent of population are Muslims others have doesn’t identify with any religion. Cape Verde is famous for Volcanic Island ,famous food and musicians. Cachupa is the national dish of Cape Verde.

Cape Verde

Ceylon To Sri Lanka

In ancient language it is called Lanka and in Portuguese it is called Ceylon. In 1972 when the country became republic then its name was changed to Sri Lanka. The population of Sri Lanka is 21.92 Million. It is the lower middle income country in the world. Sri Lanka is famous for its Ceylon’s Tea.

A place name Nuwara Eliya is famous for tea producer you can visit a tea empire in thIS place. Yala National Park is the biggest spot of Leopards. White Elephants are the part of the national park in Sri Lanka also take some time to explore the city of Kandy. The most popular things that visitors can buy in Sri Lanka are gems and jewelry, Ceylon Tea, Wooden mask, Sri Lankan Sari and many more things.

The Country gained independence in 1948. It is well known for its Buddhist Culture and many other religions as well. The oldest living tree in the world known to be planted by a man in Sri Lanka. The Hospitality of Sri Lankans are world famous and there food are also famous like fish Ambul Thiyal a sour fish curry found no where in the world.

Burma To Myanmar

Now a days Myanmar is considered as conflicted zone. In 1989 the country’s military government changed its name into Myanmar but still some countries called it Burma. The population of the country is 54.41 Million. Myanmar is considered a poorest country in the Asia. There are approximately 83,000 immigrants living in Myanmar.

The main religion of the country is Buddhism. It is famous for agriculture and fishing forestry. The Beautiful country is having thousand of beautiful Buddhist temples and beaches are the main destination for the travelers. Buremes is the official language of the country. It is the country full of rich tradition and delicious food. The famous food of the Myanmar is Tea Leaf Salad.

Holland to Netherlands

In January 2020 country decided to change its name from Holland to Netherland mostly for promotional purpose. A country in North Western Europe famous for landscapes of canals, windmills, cycling routes with the estimated population of 17.44 Million . The official name of the country is changed from Holland to the kingdom of Netherland.

The country’s capital is Amsterdam and its is famous for canals of Amsterdam, windmills, cheese markets and wooden shoes. The national language of the country is Dutch. Netherland is one of the least religious countries of the Europe. 2017 survey said that the majority respondents who are participating in the survey are not believe in God. Just 20 percent of the population of Netherland identify as Roman Catholic and 5 percent identify as Muslims.

The National food and dish of Netherland is called Stampot a dish made of mash potato vegetable and sausages which is also known as HutSpot it is Stew of potato’s and carrots with pea soup and brown bean soup. The national Flag of Netherland is a horizontal tricolor of Red White Blue.

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