7 easy tips to care for your mental health

Since we faced COVID-19 in the last two years, which that deteriorated the mental well-being of people around the world drastically. We need to take care of our mental health so that we can face the challenges that the modern world throws at us. Thankfully, the stigma around mental well-being is breaking. People are now talking about mental health more than ever before.

7 beginner-friendly techniques to improve your mental health

1. Excercise

Moving your body can affect your mood tremendously. Be it walking, running, jogging, going to the gym, or any other way to be active it will improve your health. These activities seem to be fruitful only for physical health but research shows that they are equally beneficial for mental well-being. It can be a hobby that can help you move your body such as cycling, and dancing. 

2. Engage in your favorite activities aka hobbies

Make time for your favorite activities and hobbies. Having a proper routine can also help to ease your stress. Because this way you don’t have to worry about what to do every single day. Similarly, you should include self-care activities in your daily routine. Be it reading, cooking, baking, painting, or skincare, these will make you maintain your emotional well-being.

3. Learn and practice stress-coping skills

 Since we can’t avoid stress 100 percent in our lives we should always know how to deal with it. Google stress coping strategies and you will get some amazing techniques to handle your stress. You can try multiple activities that may help in reducing stress. These techniques include meditation, breathing practices, exercise, and art therapy. Journaling. 

4. Stay away from alcohol and other drugs

Even though we are more inclined to increase our alcohol intake when things aren’t really going well. But unfortunately, drugs and alcohol do no good to our mental health instead decline it even more. The escape that drugs provide is too short and eventually, it takes a toll on your mental health. Therefore its recommended by medical practitioners to stay away from alcohol and drugs as much as possible. 

5. Stay connected with your loved ones

The support and connection of your family and friends can help you be healthier emotionally and mentally. We often tend to take the people in our lives for granted but research has ….. Our close ones make us feel seen and heard and that’s what makes all the difference. Make sure you spend time with your people. Even if they are away you can still face time with them.

6. Meditation to improve mental health

Meditation is the single best tool against the stressors and distractors of our life. It can help you reduce your negative thoughts and emotions. It also builds your tolerance, self-awareness, and tolerance. On top of that, it provides a set of skills to manage stress hence improving our mental health. It gives you the peace of mind that every distracted, stressed mind of this generation craves.

7. Take therapy

If you try these things and still feel like you can’t cope with the day-to-day stresses consider going into therapy. You are not alone and there are ways you can be helped. Don’t shy away from taking professional help. It is hard at times to seek help due to the stigma around it but you are stronger than this remember that.

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