Cupping Therapy is an ancient traditional medicine healing method is which wastes and toxins of body are removed. Cupping is one of the ancient known world famous medical therapies. Throughout the world, there are different types of cupping therapy. There are different ways by which we can classify cupping therapy. Each classification has different types.

types of cupping

Technical types of Cupping therapy

Dry cupping therapy

Dry cupping therapy is a type of cupping in which silicon cups, glass cups or plastic are used and oil is applied on skin. Cups are placed on body at specific points. It results in improved blood flow, relaxation of fascia and muscles, sense of relief and gives deep tissue massage effect.

Dry cupping it is also called as Single (S) technique. It has only one step which is creating suction in the cups. In this type of cupping therapy, vacuum can be created by fire or without fire by using vacuum pump. its called dry cupping because no blood is taken out, no cuts are made.

Dry cupping massage

A therapeutic cupping treatment involves warming and placing cups, usually made of glass, on the skin. By warming the air within the cup, a vacuum is created, and when it is applied to the skin, the tissue is drawn up into the cup.

There is a popular Chinese saying: “Acupuncture and cupping, cures more than half the ills cured.”

dry cupping therapy

Wet cupping therapy

 Tradidional  Wet cupping therapy

-Chinese traditional cupping or Wet cupping therapy is also called as double  (S-S) method. It has two steps. first id scarification of the intact skin by using sterile surgical blade (not preceded by suction) and suction cups are placed on the skin surface.

Cupping therapy is a famous traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) procedure which is used to eliminate stagnation in blood and stimulate energy flow which is called qi (chi). Qi is  energy that circulates in our body and Chinese believe it is present in the whole world. If the qi is disturbed, it causes diseases in the body by stagnation of blood and may create stagnation (blockages) or imbalances in different compositions of the body. cups are placed at specific points according to Qi flow to improve well being of a person.

 Al Hijamah

(Prophetic medicine) (WCT of prophetic medicine) is  also known as triple (S-S-S) technique as it involves three steps:  1st suction step using sucking cups applied to the intact skin to create skin upliftings, scarification of the skin uplifting (shartatmihjam) and a 2nd suction step i.e. triple S technique. Procedure of cupping therapy used by Muslims 1400 years ago is called Hijama.

Hijamah has its Arabic root word that means “to reduce in volume”. It means that in this procedure blood is removed from the body, reducing its volume by placing cups, creating vacuum in them and by marking small cuts on skin.

Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH are called Ahadees. They have significance for Muslims as they follow what their prophet taught them and told them. There are many Ahaadees regarding hijamah. It is recommended to Muslims for prevention of diseases and as a cure of diseases. As per saying of Holy Prophet Muhammmad, recommended dates for hijama are 17,19,21 of lunar month. But for a person who is ill, can have his hijama done at any date, any time, its permissible is Islam. Use of fire to produce vacuum is prohibited in Islam while doing Cupping(Hijama).

wet cupping therapy Alhijama

Cupping therapy types according to power of suction

Another classification of cupping therapy includes its types according to the power of suction. Power of suction is directly linked to the amount of tissue raised beneath the cup and it swells and rises up in the cup. It is believed among herbalists that a cup draws toxins from surrounding tissues and internal organs when suction is being applied. once all the toxins have accumulated in the cup, cuts or incisions or scarification with the help of surgical blade is done and all the toxins of blood are collected in the cups.

Weak(light) cupping

In this type of cupping, light suction is produced. it is for people with thin or sensitive skin, or older people. Pressure generated as a result of suction is minimal in this.

Medium cupping

Medium suction cupping is the most widely used suction method in which power of suction is moderate and tolerable almost for everyone. This is mostly recommended type of suction.

Strong cupping

Strong suction is used for thick skinned people, whose skin has less collagen and elasticity. more suction is required in them to lift skin in their cups in order to produce health beneficial effects.

Pulsatile cupping

Pulsatile cupping is a modern technology in which a mechanical instrument that produces a pulsatile vacuum with a help of a pump.

Type of cupping therapy on the basis of mode of suction

In the history books we find out that the vacuum or sucking effect was gained by variety of ways like sucking with the mouth directly over an incision, using a leeches to suck blood or animal  horns. Modern methods include bamboo, plastic or glass cups with pumping machine to create suction or using fire to create suction. Purpose of this procedure is get maximum benefits of cupping therapy.

Fire cupping therapy

In fire cupping therapy, a cupping professional ignites fire on a stick and bring it near cps to be placed on skin, fire creates vacuum and as soon as vacuum is created, cup sticks to skin. It is not used bu muslims. Chinese use this method the most. Fire heats up the cup so it also gives therapeutic effects of heat, relieving pain and discomfort and improving circulation.

fire cupping therapy, types pf cuppping

Manual cupping therapy

A manual suction gun is used in this method. Therapist manually pumps out the air from cup with his suction gun. Therapist himself adjusts pressure according to the body and skin type of the patient.

manual cupping therapy

Automatic cupping therapy

In this, an automated machine adjusts the vacuum suction pressure on its own. it is used for head cupping mostly. cupping can be done on head without removing hair by this method.

Leech therapy

It is ancient form of cupping in which people used to place leeches on body to suck out toxins from body. Now a days people don’t prefer this method.

leech therapy, types of cupping

Therapy related types of cupping therapy

Herbal cupping

Herbal cupping therapy uses different herbs that have amazing medicinal properties to enhance the effect of cupping. in this way we get added effects of herbs and cupping at the same time.

Water cupping

Water cupping therapy ruses water in cups but it not used now a days.

Moxa (hot needle) cupping

moxa (hot needle) cupping therapy uses dry needles when hot, they insert it into the body to gain added effects of acupuncture and cupping therapy

Empty (flash) cupping

among different types of cupping, it is most widely used in dry cupping sports massage. A series of cups are placed and with in few seconds removed and are placed at newer point and the process of empty flash cupping continues for 10 mins approx.

some other forms also include,

laser cupping

magnetic cupping

electrical stimulation cupping

Always have your cupping therapy session done after consulting your doctor and by a certified therapist only.

dry cupping therapy

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