10 Tips for Burning Fat in Your Body And Staying Healthy

when you have extra fat in your body, burning fat is necessary to stay healthy as body fat can cause many serious health issues.

The storage of calories in the body is called fat and it helps to stay alive but excess fat in the body is not good for health. It can cause serious issues for your health. Visceral fat is one kind of belly fat and it is the main threat to type 2 diabetes, serious heart problems, and many other health-related issues.

It is easy to gain body fat but losing body fat can be challenging and it needs patience, dedication, and hard work. Many medicines on the market promise to help in burning body fat quickly but a quick way is not always the valid way.

If you want to burn your body fat you need to modify your lifestyle, exercise, and diet routine. It is the most effective way to burn fat and make yourself healthy. Always take steps which promote sustainable and long lasting fat loss and also improve your health overall. 

Percentage of fat in men and women

People want to be fit, some for health reasons and others to fit back in the jeans that shrunk. Before burning fat you need to know a little bit about it.

The healthy percentage of fat in the body:

  • In men it should be somewhere 8 to 25%
  • And for women it should be between 21 to 35%

Age, lifestyles and body type like factors also matters.

Little to no fat is also not good

As too much body fat can be dangerous for the body same having little fat can also be dangerous. For the body to function properly your body needs essential fat. So this mean you should not let your body fat go below minimum level it can cause various problems:

  • Risk of high heart diseases
  • Deficiency of vitamins
  • A weak immune system
  • diabetes
  • fertility issues

Muscles breakage can also occur if your body fat is too low, and you can feel tired and weak.

10 easy tips for burning fat in your body

After going through much information we have calculated the best tips for burning fat in your body. The following list is about burning fat and how you stay healthy

1. Increase in cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise includes walking, running, swimming, and cycling. It will help in burning fat and calories fast. If you are new to this exercise start with a walk and increase the distance day by day. Increase your walk timing.

If going to the gym is not ideal for you. You can do exercises at home or go for a daily walk. There are many apps available or tutorials online from which you can select the workout you prefer. It is a fast and steady way of burning fat.

2. Reduce your calories intake:

If you want to burn fat you need to reduce your calorie intake as it is the simplest way to lose weight. The weight you will lose through fewer calories intake will be more sustainable and easy to maintain. 

You can keep a check on your calories by a diet chart or can use some online apps for it. Try to reduce calorie intake by 500 and if you intake more than 500 you need to burn these calories by doing exercise as described above or you can hit a gym.

3. Lose fat by doing resistance training in your routine

Exercise for burning fat

Unlike Cardiovascular exercise resistance training is a slow and more gentle exercise. You can use your own body weight for exercise as push-ups or use equipment like kettlebells and dumbbells. 

          These exercises add muscle building which means burning fat. Fat and muscles weigh the same. But fat occupies more space than muscles in the body. It can reduce the risk of diseases like heart and diabetes 2. It lowers the blood sugar level and blood pressure level and reduces the fat around the waist. 

4. More sleeping helps in burning fat

It is a myth that more sleeping is a cause of weight gain. But in actuality, it helps you in reducing weight as less sleeping means less energy which leads to a change in our glucose level and tiredness.

Our hunger hormones also increased because of sleep deprivation and it increases our appetite and we eat unhealthy snacks to gain energy. Researchers found out that even one night of sleep deprivation causes ghrelin levels to increase and hunger levels also increased. 

So sleeping more causes regulations in hormones and you will not feel hungry and be more satisfied after eating. Sleep also helps to regulate stress hormones ” cortisol levels” which affect the ability to lose weight.

5. Do a High Intensity interval training

HIIT exercises are recommended by different modern trainers and it is effective in burning fat. This workout alternates from intense exercise to moderate exercise or rest. The reason for its effectiveness is it burns more body fat in a short period than other methods.

HIIT workouts for 15 weeks, three times per week. It is recommended that you do HIIT work out before breakfast when the glucose level is low so the body will get energy from fat.

6. Take more water

Drinking a lot of water helps in maintaining weight loss. Water helps in boosting metabolism and also suppresses hunger. Workout becomes easier and more profitable by lubricating the joints or also giving the muscles the hydration it needs.

 It also helps in increasing the process of lipolysis in which the body gains energy by burning fat. It is recommended to have 6-8 glasses of water.

7. Include low carb diet in your meals

Insulin release is triggered by carbohydrates, a harmony that stores the energy in the body. As you are trying to burn fat, lowering your intake of carbohydrates can help you attain ketosis and on that level, the body starts burning fat for energy. 

A lot of weight loss carb diets are available on the Internet or you can contact a diet consultant. 

8. Intermittent fasting helps in weight loss

Intermittent fasting means not eating food or eating small amounts of food with specific time intervals. It is a popular way to burn fat in the body. 

The University of Illinois at Chicago gives the study that fasting on alternate days can help in losing weight  from 3% to 8% if we follow it for three to eight weeks. 

But intermittent fasting should not be used for long terms as it does help in burning fat but the long term use can have the opposite effect on your metabolism. 

9. Use high protein diet

A high protein diet will make you fuller for a long time and when combined with exercise it will also help in muscle building. It will also speed up metabolic rate and more calories will be burned. 

Pomeranian medical university in Poland gave a  recent study in 2021 comparing the high protein and low glycemic index diet. They found out that people who were following a protein diet lost almost twice as much weight as compared to the people who were following the Gl plan. 

The group of people who were following a protein diet lost 10lbs while the Gl group lost only 4.8 lbs.

There are many high protein diets. You can follow some popular ones

  • Keto diets
  • Atkins diet
  • Dukan diets
  • Cambridge diet.

10. Eat healthy fats

Fat is considered a bad name for many years so people turn towards products that are low in fat. They are less effective as they contain a low level of sugar.

But now take healthy fats in your meals as they are good for health and researchers show that taking olive richer food helps in losing fat faster than the food with no oil at all.

Taking healthy fats helps in consuming nutrients better and it increases the sugar level in the blood and gives a sense of fullness. Metabolism gets better with the healthy fat which is necessary for burning far. 

Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats found in avocado, olive oil, fish, and nuts are healthy fats. 

While food with saturated and trans fats are the unhealthy fats that are found in dairy products and processed foods. 

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